Poem Place

Yeah, so, I want to do loads of Poetry but I want to do it without taking up loads of space. So, if you want a poem from me, it should be here, or you can request it. I will be doing a star poem page that I will change every now and then. I will ask permission before I put anyone elses poem up, though.

Enjoy :D


3. Eggs - as requested by my Granda

When I crack that fragile shell,

I wonder if it will be fresh or rotten - and brace myself for a revolting smell,

I allow myself to ponder if it is a double yolk or single yolk,

And, should I use this egg to make something for my fellow folk?


Will I use it to bake,

Biscuits, tarts and assorted cakes?

Or something for breakfast, lunch or tea?

Then I decide to buy a chicken to make more eggs for me.



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