Life How I know It

This is a book I wrote ages ago and put it on movellas but I deleted it. I decided to re-write it. It was the first book I wrote on here.

Hi, I'm Jade. I'm sixteen. I have a best friend called Jessica. This is my life all written into a diary.


1. Dear Diary,

Dear Diary, 

I decided to keep a diary. Just so I can look back and see how I spent my teenage years and so I can see how I got on with my parents getting a divorce. It was last month. The past month has been hard but there have been worse months. When I'm older I'm hoping to become and author, get my diary published or re-write it and publish it. 

So let's tell you about me. You must be wondering one little question. "What is your name?" So here's the answer to your question. My name is Jade. I'm sixteen. I have long, straight black hair that falls to my hips. You're probably thinking. "Woah . . . long hair. Extensions?" I don't have extensions in. I have light brown eyes. Exactly like my mum's. I look too much like my mum. 

I live in Maidstone. You have probably never heard of it. It's in Kent, England. Maidstone gets really, really busy on Saturdays. Everyone is going shopping. The shopping center car parks fill up really quickly. I prefer going shopping after school. Not straight away, I always go home then walk back at about five. Then it's super quiet and I'm not walking at the same pace as snails. 

If you know Maidstone you are probably thinking I'm going to a grammar school. I don't. I never passed the test they give you to get in. Oh well. I'm not clever. So what. Anyway if I did go to a grammar school I would've ditched Jessica, she has been my best friend since we were neighbours. Which is since we were both two to be exact. I have lived in my house my whole life. 

I closed my little diary and put my pen down. My hand ached. That's the bad thing about writing. I got up from my little pink chair, I hate the colour pink but hey, I have had the same chair since I was five. I went downstairs to make lunch. It was half twelve so it was late enough. 

"Hello, J." My dad called from the lounge. It was just me and Dad living in this house. Mum moved out a year ago. I used to see her every Saturday 'til a few weeks ago when she moved to Australia with her new boyfriend, Steve. 

"Hey." I replied and walked into the kitchen. 

"Do you want to go to McDonald's? You can go with Jess if you want." Dad offered. 

"Um . . . sure," I replied and walked into the lounge. Dad passed me a fiver. "Thanks!" I put on a pair of trainers and walked outside. Jess is always in. 

I walked up to their front door and rang the bell. Jess answered the door quickly. 

"Hey. What do you want?" She mumbled. Her hand pressed against her forehead. Her brown hair tied up into a messy bun. She was wearing a black tank top and black jeans. 

"Do you want to go to McDonald's?" I asked quietly. Scared she is going to bite my head off. 

"Sure. I'll go get some shoes and money." She said and ran up the stairs. After a few minutes she came down with her small grey bag and she was wearing her black converses. We walked into town and walked to McDonald's. It was quiet when we arrived so we went and bought some food. She bought a Big Mac and I bought a Happy Meal. I feel too full after a Big Mac. After we bought a McFlurry so we had an excuse to stay and talk. 

"I have to go to my Dad's tomorrow." Jessica told me, 

"Oh, OK." I replied. 

"When are you going to see your mum?" She asked. Stirring the ice cream around. 

"I don't know. I haven't heard from her." I mumbled, looking down at my ice cream and fighting back tears. I hadn't heard from Mum since she moved. 

Dad wants to buy me a laptop so I can email her but he doesn't have the money yet. Mum doesn't even call and Dad won't let me call since I'm on a contract and it will cost a fortune to phone her. I wish I could see her. I miss her. 

"Hey. What's up? You look like you're about to cry. You know you can tell me anything." Jessica asked. Looking at me with worried eyes. 

"It's just I haven't heard anything from my mum since she moved. I just miss her, I guess." I muttered. 

"Oh." Jessica mumbled. 

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