The summer of my dreams

Olivia had a dream that she met one direction and had the best summer ever! But what she didn't know is that it was going to come true.
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3. Chapter 3

*Olivia's POV*

Louis decided to give the book to me and said we could share it when I go to their house. "I don't know where you live though." I stated "We can bring you there right mates?" Liam asked with puppy dog eyes. 'aww thats so cute!' I fangirled inside. "Sure It would be nice to have a girl at our house" Harry winked at me, I blushed. "So, hop in!" Zayn said to me. I went in their car and we all had to squish together, so I had to sit on top of Harry and next to Liam and Niall. Louis was driving and Zayn was in the passenger's seat. Since I didn't have a seatbelt Harry was mine, he held my waist making sure I didn't get hurt. When we got there all the boys went in to tidy up the place first, but Harry stayed with me making sure I didn't peak yet. "You can come in now!" Liam shouted from the window above "Okay just a sec." Harry replied. We just sat there for a while, I was sill on top of him. "So.. Are you going to let me go?" I asked politely "Nope." he stated. I remembered that he was my 'seatbelt' and I unclicked his hands but it didn't work. "Um.. how does this seat belt work?" I asked "Kiss me" my cheeks felt so hot, but I wanted to go inside so I quickly gave him a kiss on the lips and pulled away. He let me go and I ran inside. 

*So sorry its short*

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