The summer of my dreams

Olivia had a dream that she met one direction and had the best summer ever! But what she didn't know is that it was going to come true.
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2. Chapter 2

*Olivia's POV*

They came out on stage with their stripes, plaid, polo shirt, varsity jacket, and blazers. They started singing Moments and looked at me. Me! Liam gave me his hand as he sang the first verse, he pulled me onstage and all the boys hugged me. It was the best summer ever. I looked at the spotlight that was directed onstage, it was blinding. I woke up to bright light, it must have been in the afternoon. I looked at the clock next to me it read 11:26. I got up and put on a flowy orange tank top with white shorts and gold gladiator flipflops paired with diamond earrings. I went to the kitchen and made myself french toast  with powdered sugar drizzled with all natural maple syrup. "Good morning" my mum says "Good morning" I say back hugging her. "I have to go to the library to pick up a book, I will see you when I get back." I said as I finished my french toast and picking up my keys walking out the door. "Have fun!" she says. I go to my car and drive to the library, that was 3 minuets away form my house. I got there and parked my car in the shade, not wanting it to heat up. When I get inside the library, I see it is filled with new books for summer reading. I look around in the fiction section, I love a book that takes me out of my world. I reach for one of my favorite book series to feel another hand on mine, wanting that book too. "Erm sorry, here you can have it" A voice says I look up to beautiful green eyes And realize its Harry Styles. I gasp, he immediatly covered his ears, probably thinking I would scream. As soon as he realized I wouldn't he uncovered his ears. He held the book out to me "You can have it" he told me "Thanks" I say as I grab the book from him feeling his warm soft hands again. I saw four other boys in the aisle with me. Is this real? Yeah, Right like you would meet one direction, I thought. I pinched myself and didn't wake up. I'm not dreaming! This is the best summer ever! Louis starts walking towards me "Um Bitch that is my book" he says "Try and get it" I say running away into a different aisle. I see Liam, Louis and Zayn on one side and Niall and Harry on the other. Crap. I run towards Harry and Niall, they run towards me. I trip over my own feet, Harry and Niall catch me. "You alright love?" Niall asks "Yeah I'm fine thanks." I reply "Good, cause I would hate taking a book from a hurt person" he says. I forgot about the book in my hand, Niall snatched it and threw it to Louis. They kept doing this and it felt like monkey in the middle, then I had an idea. I went up to Liam and pouted, when Louis got it Liam snatched it and gave to me. "What the hell mate?" Louis shouted "Sorry she pouted and looked so sad" Liam said. Forgetting we were in a library we got kicked out for being to loud. 

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