The summer of my dreams

Olivia had a dream that she met one direction and had the best summer ever! But what she didn't know is that it was going to come true.
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1. Chapter 1

*Olivia's POV* 

They came out on stage with their stripes, plaid, polo shirt, varsity jacket, and blazers. They started singing moments and looked at me. Me! Liam gave me his hand as he sang the first verse, he pulled me onstage and all the boys hugged me. It was the best summer ever! "Wake up!" Zayn shouted My eyes opened to the bright room. When my eyes adjusted I saw my older brother, Matt sitting at the end of my bed. "You don't want to miss your last day of school until college. Do you?" he asked "No! Get out so I can change" I demanded "Okay fine. Good morning to you too!" he said as he shut my door on the way out. I got out of bed and took a quick shower. I went to my wardrobe, I picked out a cropped tank top with pink and blue thick stripes and pink jean shorts paired with white sandles and matching blue earrings. I went to my mirror and put my hair up in a messy bun. I grabbed my keys and backpack to leave "Where do you think you are going?" My dad questioned me "Without the worlds best dad's hug?" he finished. I ran over to his wrapping my arms around him then running out the door. I got in my car and turned on the radio "Now for a new hit single What Makes You Beautiful" The song started playing as I sang to it thinking about my dream. I got to school to see my two best friends, Hannah and Missy. Missy ran up to me and hugged me "Good morning!" she excitedly shouted "Happy much?" Hannah asked her "You know Missy always cheery!" I pitched in "You know she's right!" Missy backed me up. I told them about my dream. "Maybe its a sign" Hannah said "Maybe that will actually happen" Missy told me "Yeah, I wish" The rest of the day was so slow the only class I really liked was chemistry and that was at the end of the day. At the end of Spanish I walked up 4 flights of stairs to get to chem, I opened the knob and walked in class everyone was already celebrating the beginning of summer. They were throwing paper balls at each other and dancing on tables. I saw Missy and Hannah and we played truth or dare with 3 other boys, Luke, Jacob, and Connor. "Okay I will start. Truth or Dare.. Connor?" I said "Dare" he said smirking "I dare you to sing like an opera" "FIne" he told us as he got on a table and started sing opera but in italian! "Happy?" he asked, all of us looked puzzled "Damn I didn't know you could do that!" I said "Yeah I can, so Truth or dare.. Missy?" he asked "Truth" she quietly said, she said "Who would you make out with in this room?" "Umm.. Luke" all or mouths dropped. For as long as I can remember Luke loved Missy and she didn't acknowledge him. They quietly walke into a corner and kissed. It was cute. I headed home and plopped on my bed, I was so tired, I quickly fell fast asleep.

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