Big Girls Stuff

Scarlett is a normal girl until her world is turned upside down when she goes to a One Direction concert.Eleanor persuades her best friend Scarlett to come to a One Direction concert even though Scarlett doesn't like them. When Scarlett and Harry meet backstage will it be the love at first sight, will Scarlett save an old friendship and will she manage a realationship with an international super star or will she fall and crumble.

Authors Note:
I actually love One Direction ;) Sorry for any typos


22. The Wedding

I stood at the end of the aisle, clutching my brother’s arm wearing a vintage dress. It was covered in fabric roses and behind me stood Eleanor, Danielle, Megan, Charlie (!I know!), Lola, Mae and Gemma. Eleanor was my Maid of Honour, Danielle, Megan, Charlie and Gemma were bridesmaids and Lola and Mae were my flower girls. El and the bridesmaids had dresses like mine but it finished just above the knees. Lola and Mae were wearing the same kind of thing but with a tutu skirt. I didn’t want Dad to walk me down the aisle because he was already crying, I knew it would be too much for him and I knew Ty was stronger than he was. As I heard the first few notes of ‘Here Comes the Bride’ I whispered to Tyler “Don’t let me fall” he smiled and said,

“Never little sis”. I saw Harry at the end of the aisle and I tear found its way down my cheek. I clutched my bouquet and we began to walk down the aisle. I saw so many familiar faces, my Mum, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, my Grandparents, friends and Harry’s family and friends. Today was going to be truly magical.

                “I do” I said, staring into Harry’s beautiful green eyes.  He smiled and turned his head towards the Priest.

“I am very happy to pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride” he smiled. Harry leaned in and pulled me closer to him. I felt 17 all over again and in that one moment I knew I had found the one.

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