Big Girls Stuff

Scarlett is a normal girl until her world is turned upside down when she goes to a One Direction concert.Eleanor persuades her best friend Scarlett to come to a One Direction concert even though Scarlett doesn't like them. When Scarlett and Harry meet backstage will it be the love at first sight, will Scarlett save an old friendship and will she manage a realationship with an international super star or will she fall and crumble.

Authors Note:
I actually love One Direction ;) Sorry for any typos


14. First Date

We reached the park and what lay before me took my breath away. There were beautiful blossom trees and arches. There was a rose garden, a stone fountain and a gorgeous band stand. He led me up the band stand steps and told me to close my eyes and count to 100. 1…2……99…100! I opened my eyes and Harry had set down a red picnic blanket with citrus scented candles (my favourite smell). It was covered in all my favourite food- jellybeans, bottles of cream soda, prawn sandwiches, penang bites (spicy chicken), scotch eggs, tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, cocktail sausages, red apples, blackberries, sushi, kit kats, flavoured milk and loads more.

“OhMiGosh, Harry thank you!” I squealed.

“The girls told me all your favourite food, the candles and your favourite music” he replied indicating the CD player. I sat down and we tucked in. We talked away, I learnt that he loves cats, his favourite food is tacos, he has a cat, his not very secret talent is juggling and his middle name is Edward. He learnt that I could live off cream soda, I love archery, my middle is Hope, I can speak Spanish and that I have a younger sister called Mae and an older brother called Tyler. The rain died off so after we had eaten we walked round the park. I took my hand and pulled me close to him.

“I love you Scarlett” he whispered.

“I love you too Harry” I replied. He leaned down and his lips met mine. It was soft and perfect. It was magical and just as he pulled away, the sun came out.


So it wasn't exactly longer but it was more intresting sorry a long one will appear at sometime ;D

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