Big Girls Stuff

Scarlett is a normal girl until her world is turned upside down when she goes to a One Direction concert.Eleanor persuades her best friend Scarlett to come to a One Direction concert even though Scarlett doesn't like them. When Scarlett and Harry meet backstage will it be the love at first sight, will Scarlett save an old friendship and will she manage a realationship with an international super star or will she fall and crumble.

Authors Note:
I actually love One Direction ;) Sorry for any typos


24. Falling Asleep

I squeezed Harry’s hand, hoping he’d give me a sign to say we were going to be okay. I held on even after his heart gave in. I wasn't going to give up. I sobbed and Louis took my hand from Harry’s.

“Come on, he wouldn’t want us to be moping over him like this, he lived a good life Scar” he whispered as he wiped the tears off my face.

                3 days later I climbed into bed and curled up. I had to hug my pillow instead of Harry. It felt different without him. We had done everything together. I felt my eyes close and when I woke up I wasn’t in my room. I saw Harry waiting for me and I realised I was in heaven. I took his hand and I was 17 again.


I never did get my car back.....

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