Big Girls Stuff

Scarlett is a normal girl until her world is turned upside down when she goes to a One Direction concert.Eleanor persuades her best friend Scarlett to come to a One Direction concert even though Scarlett doesn't like them. When Scarlett and Harry meet backstage will it be the love at first sight, will Scarlett save an old friendship and will she manage a realationship with an international super star or will she fall and crumble.

Authors Note:
I actually love One Direction ;) Sorry for any typos


9. Facebook

I opened up Facebook and he had added all the boys to my Facebook. I looked at my relationship status and it said;

In a Relationship with Harry Styles

My jaw dropped as I scrolled through the comments;

Louis Tomlinson: Wooooo finally =)! Carrot Party!

Zayn Malik: So happy 4 u =) When you find true love, it is something you keep within your heart

Liam Payne: Woop so hppy! Dani smels =)

Niall Horan: Wahoo, Harry+Scarlett=4EVA, Yay, Megan is cute =)

Harry Styles: Love you babeeee                      

Jo Hunter: Can’t believe you told Facebook before you told your own Mother!!! So happy 4 u sweetie =)

The list went on.  I scrolled to the bottom and saw one that made me want to cry.

Charlie Brookes: Nawww! So pleased for the both of you <3

I hadn’t spoken to Charlie ever since she had stopped being our best friend. It had always been Eleanor, Megan, Danielle, Charlie and I but then Charlie got fed up and started saying we were boring and a waste of space. She ditched us for a girl called Shelley who now apparently works in McDonalds. We had been so upset when she ditched us but we got over her and became a foursome instead.            

                                            I showed my phone to El and her jaw dropped, she showed it to Danielle who showed it Megan who passed it back to me. I looked at my best friends and they all looked shocked and upset. How could she be so nice when she ditched us when we were 9!? Louis said something and everyone laughed but I couldn’t help missing Charlie.

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