When My Life Turned Upside Down

(All Harry's POV)
I, Harry Styles have 3 sisters, Their names are Gemma, Sarah, and Michelle. I really miss them a lot when I'm on tour with the lads. While !'m on tour my life gets turned upside down. I have to choose between Staying with my Family while they need me or finishing the tour with the Boys. Which will I choose? Read to find out!


5. Up All Night...

Wow! This tour is amazing!! I love America! Surprisingly Enough we have over 6 million fans! And that's only In America! We are currently in California. The farthest spot that we are going to from England. We are going to be here for about a week and a half. We have 8 concerts and we will be traveling to almost every city in Cali. We have also been on tour for about 7 months.In Hollywood the unthinkable happened. I got terrible news from my family. My sister had passed away the night before. I told the boys and went to go call my family. We talked for about 3 hours. I knew that i had to finish the concert but I also felt like I should go back to my family. I had a HUGE decision to make. I needed a day to think about it. This Was the WORST moment of my life. I decided what i had to do. I couldn't let my fans down. But i also couldn't let my family down.

I decided to stay and as soon as the tours over, which is in one week, I would go back to my family. But the one problem is that the funeral is Tomorrow. I had an idea but it was kind of unreasonable. It involved Skype and a Computer. It ended up working out quite well.

The boys agreed to do this with me. They knew that I couldn't do this alone, We have known each other for less then a year but we already know each other so well. My Mum told me what time the funeral was and at what time to Skype them. It was so emotional. Me and Michelle both wanted to talk. I had written a little speech to say. She went first and then I went.

This is what I said:

" Sarah, Im really sorry that I cant be there for you. When I told you the first time that I hadn't maken it through, you said that it was probably the worst thing that could happen, It wasn't, this is. I still can't believe that this is acctually happening. I REALLY never wanted to loose you. You were My inspiration for ONE DIRECTION. I don't know if I can go on without you Sarah. I Miss you sweetie! -Haz"

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