When My Life Turned Upside Down

(All Harry's POV)
I, Harry Styles have 3 sisters, Their names are Gemma, Sarah, and Michelle. I really miss them a lot when I'm on tour with the lads. While !'m on tour my life gets turned upside down. I have to choose between Staying with my Family while they need me or finishing the tour with the Boys. Which will I choose? Read to find out!


2. The X-Factor

I auditioned and made it through! I was so excited! I just had to call Sarah, Gemma, Mum, and Michelle. I called Sarah's cell-phone but my Mum answered. I thought that was odd. She told me that they were at the hospital and that she hadn't seen my audition. I was okay with it because I knew that something was up with Sarah. I told her that I had gotten through and I heard alot of clapping and screaming in the background. My Mum had explained to me what had happened to Sarah. I felt like My heart plummeted down to my stomach. She had been cancer free for 3 years and it had just came back. I just wanna go home! I wish i could be there for her.

      I had one friend that I knew I could tell anything to. His name is Zayn Malik. While we are here on the X-Factor he would be my roommate. The next day was the next round in the competition.I thought I did really well. But the judges didn't think so. Unfortunately I was out of the competition. And so was Zayn. Or so we thought. Simon Cowell told all of the people who were voted out to not pack up their stuff quite yet. I thought that was weird. When we were told to go back to our room, he also told all of us to meet at the Cafe in 2 hours. I went back to my room and called my sister. She was still in the Hospital. I told her i was out and she started to cry. I told her to calm down because it was not the worst thing in the world. We talked on the phone for about an hour and a half. And then I talked to Zayn for awhile. We were both very upset and we told each other that we would keep in touch.

 Exactly two hours later we walked to the Cafe. Simon and the other people were already there. As soon as we got there Simon started to talk. " Us judges had the wrong opinion on you guys. You guys are to talented to loose. So we have decided to come up with two separate bands.One will be a boy band and the other will be girls. The first Band will Be Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles."

   Really? Did he seriously just say that? This is amazing!!


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