When My Life Turned Upside Down

(All Harry's POV)
I, Harry Styles have 3 sisters, Their names are Gemma, Sarah, and Michelle. I really miss them a lot when I'm on tour with the lads. While !'m on tour my life gets turned upside down. I have to choose between Staying with my Family while they need me or finishing the tour with the Boys. Which will I choose? Read to find out!


3. One Direction?

I Met the boys and they are actually just like me! Simon had told us that we have to come up with a band name by tonight. We were coming up with pretty outrageous ideas like USP.... I still never learned what that was supposed to mean. I finally came up with the name of One Direction. Their faces lit up! They all decided on the name I came up with. We were offically One Direction!


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