When You Love Someone

I feel like I've been running forever. When I Look down at my phone, I see it's almost 1am. I've been running for 2 hours now. My vision is still blurred from tears so I wipe my eyes on my sweatshirt sleeve. My arm is killing me, I know I need stitches but I'm too scared to go.... Jillian's life has always been tough, but with her new best friends will she finally be saved from the step-father that beats her,and a drug addict mother that only blames her.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I feel like I've been running forever. When I look down at my phone I see it's almost 1am. I've been running for 2 hours now. My vision is still blurred from tears so I wiped my eyes on my sweatshirt sleeve. My arm was killing me, I knew I needed stitches but I was just too scared to go. I finally spot a little park with a set of swings, a bench, and those stupid plastic animals that rock back and forth. It's my park. I sit on the swing and try to catch my breath. I was just about to start swinging with I hear voices, 3 maybe 4, they're boys, teens I think. I start panicking. I don't know where to go. So when I see the tree, I know what to do. And I climb, not very far but far enough. The voices are coming closer, they sound familiar. I love their British accents, it calms me somehow. I stay quiet until I see 5 boys run into the park. They're under my tree, I don't know what to do so I don't do anything. A tear falls from my cheek, onto the blondes head. He slowly looks up. When our eyes meet we both scream. That's when I lose my balance. Not a far fall but still scary. I feel as though something, or someone, has caught me. I look up into mesmerizing green eyes. All I can think is how beautiful they are. His curls fall perfectly on his head, I notice he's smiling at me. Someone coughs and I'm pulled back into reality. He sets my feet on the ground but keeps an arm around my waist. "Are you okay?", a voice asks. I look up and see another boy, 4 actually. I know their faces, their names, but my words won't come out so I just nod. "How about you Niall?", a dark haired boy asks. "Yeah, I think.", the blonde replies. " Just got scared that's all." All their eyes are on me. I'm so tired that all I wanna do is sleep, so I did.... * * * I hear whispering voices. They sound scared. Slowly opening my eyes, I see a bright, white room. I look around to 5 sheepish smiles, 2 on either side of me and 3 at the end of an uncomfortable bed. When I realize where I am, my breath quickens and I try to get up. I'm gently pushed down by a pair of strong hands. I look up into sea blue eyes. They remind me of the ocean in Mama Mia. "What am I doing here?", I ask, my voice hoarse, my eyes never leaving my mini oceans of calmness "You had major blood lose from the cut on your arm.", Curly says. "Do you know what your name is?!", a boy with a stripped shirt yells. When I wince, he's hit in the back of the head by Curly. I giggle softly while nodding. The dark-haired one goes to get a nurse. "Okay honey. I need to ask you some questions.", she says. Her name tag says "Brownie". I laugh to myself at this. "So let's start off with your full name, age, and DOB." " Jillian Claire Daigneault, 17, December 19, 1994.", I answer. She nods slowly writing it down. "And what happened to your arm pumpkin?", Brownie asks gently with a smile. So, I spill my guts to her, I mean she's a doctor right? So patience-doctor trust I guess, and with that, I begin my story. "It started a few years ago on my 14th birthday, my mom told my she was engaged to her recent boyfriend, Chris. I didn't think anything of it she'd been engaged 4 times now, including my dad. When Chris moved in, he started beating me. I tried to tell my mom one day, but she said it was my fault and kicked my out. I was only 15. So I moved in with my best friend Sandra, and her family who lived about an hour away from mom and him. They were so welcoming, like a real family should be. Sandra's mom was more like a mom than anyone could be. She understood and didn't judge me from appearance, like most people did. What I loved was that she treated me like she did her own daughter, I even started calling her mom. She home schooled Sandra and I, we both graduated a year early. I really came to love them and finally feel wanted and loved back. Until one night I woke up to a phone call. It was Chris, he said if I didn't get my ass outside he was gonna come in and kill Sandra and her family. I couldn't let anything happen to them after all they did for me. So I used a latter and climbed down the balcony." By this time I was full out sobbing. Blondie was sitting on my bed hugging me and rocking me back and forth, I totally forgot they were in here. But, that didn't matter I needed to continue anyway. "So I got all my stuff together, put on the necklace my dad gave me, and went outside where he was in a black van. He got and started walking towards me with a knife and that stupid smile on his face. He pushed me on the ground and cut my arm. I took the biggest rock I could find and hit him in the head. I started running and when I looked back I couldn't see anything, so I stopped at my park, where I saw them.", I said pointing to who they were, the boys of One Direction. I looked up to Brownie and some of the boys in tears. I felt horrible for making them cry so I just hugged Niall and held Harry's hand until we all calmed down. After the nurse stitched me up, she said she would notify the police and that I could go home tomorrow. When she said police I could feel myself going white. " You cant tell the police!", I couldn't help but scream. I knew Chris would come after me if I told anyone. "It's okay, Jillian.", Zayn said in his calming voice. He didn't understand, no one but Sandra did. That's when I remembered "SANDRA!!", I screamed. "Is she okay?! Can I call her?" I asked, if anything happened to her, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. Brownie nodded her head while Liam pulled out his phone. I took it with a grateful smile and dialed her number. She answered on the first ring. "JILLIAN! Where are you?! The police are outside our house. They found blood all over the street and a knife. Are you okay?!", she asked concern filling her voice. I told her where I was and what happened. She told me the only thing she could to make me feel better, that she was on her way. I told the boys they could go home. Niall wanted to stay but Liam, being the over-protective one, said they had an interview that day and needed sleep. With a hug good bye from each of them and an exchanging of phone numbers, they left reluctantly.
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