Kidnapped By Zayn

When Zayn was out he met a stranger who forced him to take a kidnapping job. Zayn isn't keen on it but the stranger won't let him say no. The band finds out and dosent like it. Zayn gets kicked out of the band. One day when Zayn is working on a job to kidnap an 18 year old girl she falls in love with him but Zayn can't let his boss know. Will things work out after all?


2. Falling In Love

He took the tape and gently put it over my mouth again. He lifted me up like he did before and started running into the trees. I stared at the ground and he finally slowed. He ran to the opposite direction and started walking. He stopped again and put me down. He took the tape off my mouth and turned me around. I was staring at a small cave. I got on my knees and crawled in. "What are you doing?" Zayn said, pulling me back out. I stood up as a man came out. "Very good Zayn." He said. Zayn led me to a little huddle made out of rocks. I sat in it and he closed the opening. I just saw the man walk into the cave again. Zayn peered in and whispered "Any minute now.." I heard the man snoring and Zayn shoved some rocks out of the way and grabbed me. He put me over his shoulder and ran full out in the direction of his car. He eventually set me down beside it and I slid in. He jumped I'm the drivers side and quickly drove away. It felt like he drive for hours. He finally stopped in front of a biggish house. I got out and followed Zayn to the side of the house. He brought me to a ladder and I climbed up with him following. I slid through the window at the top and looked around. There were things everywhere. I sat on the ground as Zayn came in. "This is mine and the guys house. They kicked me out but I have no where else to go and you can't go back to your house cause my ex-boss will find you." He said. I nodded and he walked to the door and locked it. I pulled my phone out if my pocket and listened to One Direction. I had never seen a picture of them or heard their names but I like there music. Zayn chuckled. "I'm in the band and you are currently in One Directions house." He said.
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