Goddess in my Garden

These are random poems written by me. Mostly about nature, as it is my source of inspiration. It is for the Poetry Competition, so please hit the like button if you like my poems


2. A Creator in the Room

Her slender fingers held her weapon,

That which can both create and destroy,

The handsome words slipped from her mind and

Slid onto the paper, while ink gave it a shape…


As her hands moved to over the paper,

A joyous new world takes birth,

 Rare trees surround her desk and

Creepers find their way all over her chair…


Her home vanishes to reveal,

The glorious view of the dancing waves,

An old castle standing on far off cliffs,

Maybe even talking dolphins and candy clouds…


Dark storm arises from the middle of the sea,

And pulls a damsel into its whirl…

That’s when a hero rises and

Traps the rowdy wind in his bottle…


And the occurs the happy end,

Leaving behind laughter and joy…

And as she places her quill back on her desk

The room lost all its wildness…

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