Goddess in my Garden

These are random poems written by me. Mostly about nature, as it is my source of inspiration. It is for the Poetry Competition, so please hit the like button if you like my poems


1. Goddess in my Garden

I awoke in the middle of the night,

With moonlight flooding my room,

Lighting it up with its slivery magic,

Making a perfect place for love…


A faint singing I could hear,

And looking out I saw her there,

Shining in her snow white gown,

Like a goddess in my garden…


Tress swayed to her music and the wind did circles around,

Flowers blossomed at the voice,

Leaves let the breeze carry them to her and

Out came the squirrels and rabbits from their burrowed homes…



Her soft words held us all in her grip,

Putting to sleep yet showing a new reality,

Nothing else existed lest she and her voice,

She was the light to the darkness of the night…


As the mesmerizing song came to its end,

And the wind started to come to a still,

I felt my eyelids droop and

Lead me into another musical dream…

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