The Betting Game

Three boys from wealthy familys bet 100 pounds that they will be the first to go all the way with the stunning new girl, Olivia, and they set out to beat each other at their destructive game. As the boys fight out to get to her first, Connor realises that they may have gone too far this time, and he begins to see Olivia for the girl that she really is. But can he pursuade her that this is no longer part of the bet, or will she turn and leave him forever?


2. Trust is for silly people

A/N: I hope you enjoy the latest chapter! xx





"Hey." I slide my tray over the rack, so that it is next to Olivia's, and nick a chip of her plate. She sent me a look that equaled to about six hundred daggers flying into my face, but slightly more painful. "Whoa, calm it..."

"Yeah, I will once you get your freaking girlfriend to stop bothering me." She snapped, flicking her red hair off her shoulder. She pulled my hand from her plate whilst she attempted to discuss with the dinner lady.

God, this girl got more weird by the day... No one else would be caught dead saying a word to the dinner ladies, yet she was speaking loud and clear about where she came from, pushing me off when I tried to mention the slightest of words to her.

"Don't you think they're rude?" She asked the woman, rolling her eyes in my direction. "Don't know how to behave or talk to people! I'm really shocked at this one's perseverance... three days straight he's been bugging me!"

The dinner lady glared at me as I paid for two milk shakes, and raised her eyebrows. "You're not giving this girl any trouble are you?"

"No ma'am." I grin and attempt to pass Olivia one of the bottles, but again, she batted away my hand, and walked over to a table.

As I followed her, I could hear the dinner lady mutter "We need more kids like her." under her breath whilst she still stared at me.

"Why are you still here? Bitch face is over there." She pointed to Rachel, who was strutting into the room wearing only a tight half length tank top, and some short shorts.

"She's not my girlfriend." I muttered angrily, sucking on my teeth. Out of my bag, I pulled out a box with salad in it, and a plastic fork with a colour changing handle.

Ever since my mum had another kid with that prick, Bob, I kept taking things like this to school with me. No one dared say anything anyway since what happened to Gary White when I came with baby food for lunch (Banana and custard mush, is surprisingly nice...) as I punched his face in, and broke that pretty little nose of his.

"Anyway," She carried on, completely ignoring my comment, and stuffing chips down like they were some sort of addictive drug. "Can you tell your little friend that I'm not interested, and that he can piss off." Asher, no question.

"You don't trust me." I stated, munching on a single leaf of lettuce. "I can understand why, because of the way I acted... or rather she acted with me, but I swear I don't go out with her."

"Trust is for silly people." Olivia's eyes watched mine as she spoke. "And even if you don't now, at one point, I'm sure that you did."

"Yeah... well, no, not exactly." Shit. That was probably the worst thing to say to try to get her to trust me. I mean, I basically just told her that it was only sex. Fuck, fuck, fuck! What's wrong with me?! "Shit."


Olivia seemed to close of then. It was like her entire mind just visibly crumpled together in front of me, making her seem small and helpless. She pulled one of her legs up on the chair, and hugged it, her fork pirouetting on the plate as she mushed up what was left of the chips.

Her hand brushed away a stray strand of her flame coloured hair, and she let out a slight hiccup, covering her mouth in a feminine fashion as she did so. I stood up, the chair making this god awful scraping noise as I did, and picked up my bag.

"I'm not a bad guy you know..." I murmur, and then walk away.

I have to admit, I had kind of been aiming for a 'leave-it-at-that-and-then-swagger-away-like-a-boss' thing, but of course I've never had such luck, so Rachel just happened to spot me then, and squealed like the fat piggy that she was.

"Connor darling!" She screeched, grinning pointedly at Olivia.


"You can come to mine tonight, mummy and daddy are out, and I have the house to myself." She bit her lip, smiling mischievously.


"But I'm afraid to be in that nice comfy bed on my ow..."

"Just fuck off will you!" I turned to face her, my expression changing and morphing me into someone else entirely. "I'm not interested, OK?"

Rachel's face darkened, and her lips turned downwards in rage. She brought her hand up, and whacked it with such force across my cheek, that I could see my vision blur. "Fine, you go and have that Olivia bitch."

"She's not a bitch." I snap, rolling my jaw around, and massaging where she hit me. I was well aware that half the student body was staring at me, a few people sniggering at the steadily growing handprint on my face. "She's new, and pretty, which is why you hate her."

"No it's not." Rachel pouted, looking at her friends for support, but they came back blank.

"You don't like to feel threatened. The queen bee has always been a bit of an arse hasn't she?" I smiled, and then turned on the balls of my feet just in time for the yelling to start.

I walked out the room to the sound of Rachel screaming abuse in my direction. You've done well Conner my boy. I smiled, and closed the door on the three hundred eyes that were burning holes in the back of my neck.


"Mum? I'm home!" I slammed the door behind me, and chucked my bag in a corner before going into the kitchen where she sat at the counter, a mug of tea held in her hands. She smiled at me, and patted the stool besides her.

I sat on the chair, and hugged my mother, her arms wrapping protectively around my shoulders. She smelt like cinnamon rolls.

"Yes," She laughed, pulling away, and taking a drink from her mug. "I have made some... they're in the fridge."

As I walked over to get one, she told me about her day, jabbering on like a mad woman, and basically bitching about the women that she worked with. "So, how was your day honey?"

"Uh, good...?" I raised an eyebrow, and took a bite of the cinnamon roll, letting the tangy sweetness cover my tongue. I have some weird obsession with the things.

What do you want for your birthday? Mum's cinnamon rolls, and some sugar to dip them in... and squirty cream. My friends have given up trying to bribe me with cakes. I mean, why do something for a cake when it's not hard to just ask your mum to make some?

"Want to tell me." See, this is what I love about my mum. She has some freaky power that means that she knows when I want to talk, and when I don't... If this had been a 'no-no' situation, she would have left the room, and let me sulk on my own.

"You remember Rachel?" I ask, and then snicker when she pulls a face.

"Sorry Connor, but I really don't know what you ever saw in that girl... She was always flashing off her boobs, really not your kind of girl." If only you knew...

"Neither do I." I sighed, slumping against the counter. "You know the new vicar has this daughter our age." I paused to see her smile knowingly. "Yeah, don't look at me like that, but Rachel basically gets jealous of anyone who destroys the peace in the school... and basically now Rachel thinks that it's a fight about me, when Olivia really couldn't give a shit about me."

"Nicely put." She laughed quietly, and then she went all serious. "But, honey you really need to..."

There was a loud wailing that cut her off, and I covered my ears in annoyance. Come on big guy, not now please! My mum looked at me slightly sympathetically.

"It doesn't matter, you can go and get him." I say, forcing a smile. "I'm gonna go to bed now any way." I really don't care if it's half five.

"OK..." She stood up and walked out the room, a bottle of formula milk in her hands. I groaned, and whacked my head against the desk before rearranging my posture, and cleaning up my hands before walking out myself.

Once I got to my room, I stripped to my boxers, and flopped face first into my pillow, my brain banging around in my skull. I screamed, the sound muffling in the fabric so that my mum couldn't hear, and then I curled up in a ball and fell asleep.

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