The Betting Game

Three boys from wealthy familys bet 100 pounds that they will be the first to go all the way with the stunning new girl, Olivia, and they set out to beat each other at their destructive game. As the boys fight out to get to her first, Connor realises that they may have gone too far this time, and he begins to see Olivia for the girl that she really is. But can he pursuade her that this is no longer part of the bet, or will she turn and leave him forever?


3. The lake

A/N: Hey guys, if you've read this far, I'd just like to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH (not literally of course...) For believing in this story. If you're just reading it because you think it's so terrible, then that's fine. I can take constructive criticism people!




Yasmin xx

When I woke up, the moonlight was filtering through my open window, and I stretched out feeling every muscle in my body groan in union. I looked at the night sky, watching as the stars sprinkled over the dark canvas.


I stood up, mumbling to myself as I did, and reaching over to grab the pencil case on my desk. I unzipped it, and flicked through all the various colours until I had selected a few purples, navy's and a golden colour before slipping them into the elastic of my boxers (you don't have to use them do you?).

I walked out onto the balcony, and sat with my back against the wall and pulled out a large pad of sketching paper. I looked across our garden, and picked a spot in the mystical light to outline.

From where I was sitting, I could see our bench in full view, so I began to draw it, my hand lifting in silky curves as I got the circular shape of the back rest just right. After about half an hour I had the general shape, and most of the bench was filled in using dark blues and a light purple where the moonlight had hit it in a certain way.

There was a sudden movement down in the bushes of the north fence, and I craned my neck to see what was causing it; nothing. I put my head down, and began to draw again, feeling myself fall into my happy place.

"Ugh," I looked up as I was ripped away from dream land, and just caught sight of something red flick through the dark trees.

I was used to seeing people run past the back of her house, as my garden was directly in front of a small country path. But, it was like midnight for crying out loud! I stood up, and set my book down quietly, before climbing down the stairs next to my balcony, and ran over to the path, stumbling around in the dark barefooted, and half naked.

There was another flash of red, and I ran after it, trying to keep to the shadows so that they wouldn't see me. The person was walking swiftly towards the forest, and they checked behind them, making sure that no one was following them. I held my breath, and ducked behind a tree, praying that they hadn't seen me.

When I looked up, they were gone.

"What?" I murmured to myself, pulling up my boxers as they were a little lower than they should be, showing off a small sliver of hair that disappeared into them.

I turned around, but there was no one there. That's stupid! No one just disappears like that! I jogged over to the forest, my feet sinking into the soft moss on the ground, and gasped in shock.

Jesus Christ! I never knew there was a lake behind here. I stared at the water as it rippled slightly in the wind. The red head - who I could now see was a girl - sat on the floor, and removed her shoes and socks, sinking her slender toes into the sand that surrounded the beautiful scenery.

The girl lay back on the sand, and to be honest with you, I did think about slipping a hand down my boxers, but lets face it... it's so awkward! I mean, yeah, getting off to porn, that's fine, no one can see that, even by accident. But her actually being there; if we were like an item, that'd be different. I didn't even know the girl!

I growled lightly as the girl pulled her jumper off, revealing a tight half length top, and she pulled off her leggings. Holy fuck, she was going skinny dipping. Well, at least that's what I hoped, but instead she just stood up, walked over to the waters edge, and dipped her feet in.

"You know sneaking around at night really didn't strike me as your kind of thing." She called out, the familiarity of her voice making me study her again.

"Olivia?" I walk towards her, feeling my breathing quicken as I can see slightly through her really tight top (no, she was not wearing a bra). She laughed quietly to herself, showing off her perfectly aligned teeth; my hands knotting by my sides as I tried not to groan out loud. "Why are you here?"

"I'm guessing you were waiting for me to strip." She said, grinning mischeviously. Her hand travelled up to the bottom of her top, and she watched me squirm. Olivia walked up to me, her lips coming up to my ear as she whispered, "In your dreams pretty boy."

I found myself frowing, and gulping for air as she pulled away, my eyes filling what could only be described as pure lust. I reached out for her hand, but dropped it after thinking about it; this girl would kick my arse.

"Oh, and what you did with Rachel today." She lifted her hands, and kissed her thumb and index finger like them Italian guys on TV. "Mucho bueno." She paused, and bit her bottom lip. "Uh, why are you naked?"

"I'm not naked." I stated, raising an eyebrow. "But if you want..."

"Ewe!" She laughed, her whole face lighting up with amusement. "No, this is enough as it it! I mean, your actually not bad eye candy, but I don't want to get you all cocky."

"Baby, I already am cocky."

"Call me baby again, and I'll shove your balls so far up your own arse that it sticks out your mouth." Olivia growled, making me wince slightly. "And then I'll cut them off. Are we clear?" I nodded, and grimaced.

"No, in all seriousness now." I pull a straight face, and point around us. "Why come here at this time of the night?"

She shrugged. "Me and my dad don't... see eye to eye. He wants me to be this perfect little Christian girl who always follows every singe holy rule. If I swear, god help me, and any thing else would just be unforgivable. He's so lucky that I haven't..." She looked at me, her cheeks visibly red even in this poor light. "Never mind."

Oh, this is going to be harder than I thought. Yeah, she might like me, but she's a virgin! It'll take god knows how long to get her to have sex with me! Mind, she seemed pretty keen on braking her fathers rules, so there was an upside to the whole hoo ha.

"We can't be expected to follow all of God's rules." I whisper,shrugging my shoulders lightly. "I think that it's just a guide... you know, he would rather if we all - as his children - didn't mess up at an early age. We can't like put off things like sex until we're thirty, because it's there to explore. It's probably only there to stop teen pregnancy's; even if it was made thousands of years ago..."

Olivia laughed, and sat on the floor, patting the space next to her. I flopped to the floor, raking a hand through my gross bed head and yawning slightly. My hand brushed against her hand, and I felt myself blush. Jesus Connor, remember the dare dude!

"You had a point." She suddenly said, studying my face. I stared at her, not quite comprehending her words. "You're not that bad of a guy."

"Thanks." I chuckle softly, rubbing the back of my neck sheepishly. I watched in awe as an owl flew over the water, it's wing touching the water, leaving a ripple behind it. "That's so cool." I whispered.

"Yeah." Olivia nods, and lays back against the sand; as she does this, I absent mindly stare at her full chest, my breath catching. With her eyes closed, she sighes and hums quietly to herself. It's a My Chemical Romance song, and it makes me laugh, because it's one of theirs that has a crap load of swearing in it. "Stop looking at my boobs."

I snap my head up, thinking about how girls have some radar for when a guy stares at there boobs or arse. Mind, guys have the same sort of thing going on with their dicks.

"Sorry," I murmur, and then get to my feet, holding my boxers up as I do so because they're sliding down.

"You leaving?" She asks me, opening one eye and covering the other with her fore arm. I smile at the sight of her; she's so damn cute!

"Yes, I'm tired as fuck." I laugh, watching as she grins and closes her eyes again. It's saturday tomorow. "You wanna come down here tomorow?" Olivia grimaces, and sits up so that her legs are spread out slightly.

"Uh, this is embarassing." She says, biting her lip. "But Ash asked me to go for a picnic with him, and I figured that it'd stop him from stalking me and agreed... I really can't be arsed, but desperate times seek desperate measures."

"OK..." That fucking wanker. "Oh, has Liam talked to you lately?"

Olivia looked up, a puzzled expression on her face. She shruggs. "No... Why?"

"Oh, no reason."


"Night Liv."

"Night Connor."

I turn on the spot, and walk towards the pathway. As I step on the ground, theres a snap, and suddenly there's a sharp pain in my foot, and I cry out in pain.

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