The Betting Game

Three boys from wealthy familys bet 100 pounds that they will be the first to go all the way with the stunning new girl, Olivia, and they set out to beat each other at their destructive game. As the boys fight out to get to her first, Connor realises that they may have gone too far this time, and he begins to see Olivia for the girl that she really is. But can he pursuade her that this is no longer part of the bet, or will she turn and leave him forever?


1. Meeting her

A/N: I wasn't getting many reads for my last novel, so I thought I'd start on something that will appeal to a wider audience. This is - to put it curtly - a bit of a romance with a twist. It might not be your cup of tea, but I must say, this is not your average romance, and the boy who is the 'author' of the story, is no average character. This is The Betting Game. I hope that you enjoy it! Love you all, Yasmin.

Long red hair, soft green eyes, slim waist and a voice to die for; the new girl, was in every man's dreams, wearing nothing of course in those. She walked past a stunned Rachel, over to her locker and began to punch in the four digit code.

Come on Steel! I thought as I watched the girl struggle with the lock. You had that locker last year... It's a bugger to open, there's no way she'll be able manage that one on her very first day!

As I walked over to her, a sight swagger (or so I hoped) in my step, I could hear her mutter angrily to herself, gritting her white teeth together. I smiled, and slammed my fist into the bottom right hand corner, watching in as the small lock flicked its self open.

"Gee, thanks." The girl laughed sheepishly, biting on her nail as she stuffed a few books on the top shelf of her locker, and pulled out a small black hand bag. She turned and offered me her hand. "Oh, I'm Olivia, Olivia Oakland... it's my first day here, and I did manage to get it open earlier on, but I forgot how I did it..."

"I can tell." I chuckled, shaking her hand, but holding onto it tighter, and for longer than I needed to. She blushed, pulled her hand away, and pretended to be interested in the floor.

From where I stood, I could see Rachel narrow her beady eyes, and pull down her vest top so that everyone could see slightly more cleavage than they wanted to. "Connor Steel."

The girl swung her bag over her shoulder, and opened her mouth to speak just as a pair of weak arms wrapped themselves around my waist, and pull me towards them.

"Baby!" Rachel squealed, her breath hitting the back of my neck as she spoke.

She smelt strangely like basics toothpaste (not that I don't use it myself), and... used Durex, if you know what I mean. I pushed her off, but the girl clung on for dear life. Shit! she was going to make me loose the bet! Liam and Asher were going to practically take the piss of me until their eyes bled.

"Where did you go last night?" She carried on, caressing the muscles on my chest and purring like a cat. "I'm surprised my mum and dad didn't hear us together. You were so... loud!" The stupid bitch.

Olivia gasped slightly, then looked sick (I really can't blame her) and looked down to the floor. I didn't freaking sleep with her! I mean, I suppose I did once, but that was... Six months ago, and I got fifty quid for it.

"Oh, OK..." Olivia put her hand up to stop me from speaking above her. "First of, Er, even though it is nothing to do with me, that is not something normal people say in public, and secondly: try keeping your girlfriend away from people, she puts herself fore ward as a whore, but I'm guessing that's the look she was going for... Oh, and I saw her outside the school with her hands down some guys trousers."

I grimaced, and rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly. Olivia had begun to walk away, and I pushed Rachel away from me so that she stumbled to the floor. Her two friends stood there dumbfounded, until she began screaming.

And I do mean screaming.

I pushed through the crowd of kids, squeezing past kissing couples and what not, and then turning when I caught sight of Olivia's fiery red hair, billowing behind her in a curtain. I had just caught up with her, but a guy around my age jumped out of the toilets, and grabbed her arm.

When Olivia turned I could see her face red with anger, and the guy asked her if she was alright. He looked up at me, and grinned.

That boy was so fucking dead.


"What the hell were you playing at?"


"You knew I was already after her!" He looked at the floor, trying to hide a grin. "Oh come on Asher, she was practically in my arms."

"No," He corrected with a smile, running a hand through his blond curls. "You had Rachel practically in your arms, so don't bullshit."

"Boys, boys, boys." Liam chuckled, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly. "We all know I'm going to shag her first, and win the £100."

"Yeah, that reminds me, why is Olivia worth one hundred, and the others were all fifty?" I ask, watching my two friends stare at me blankly. "What?"

"Dude," Asher laughed, shaking his head in confusion. "She's the vicars daughter! Any guy on earth would be lucky to even snog the girl."

I shrugged. "And?"

"She's religious!" They both sighed in union. "She probably prays before she kisses someone's cheek, and then if she shagged someone, she'd go on a years Christian walk just to save herself from hell."

"Um, guys? I think your kind of missing the point of religion... I mean, I'm Christian, and I've shagged most of the girls in our tutor, give or take a dozen, and I really don't think that the Lord, is going to send me to hell... yeah, you shouldn't really have sex before marriage, but religion is something else. It's a commitment..."

"Jesus Christ," Liam shook his head, and rolled his eyes again. "OK then Mr Religious-and-sensitive, but she's not just religious... She's really religious."

"And?" The two of them just groaned, and Liam chucked a can of coke in my direction which I caught in mid air.

"You seriously need to get out more." He laughed as I flicked the cap, and took a gulp of the bubbling liquid. "I mean, do you go to church."

My eyes travelled downwards, and I felt my cheeks warm. "Uh, yeah?"

"Ha, you complete and utter moron!" They laughed as I flopped on top of the sofa, my legs hanging about a metre (OK, I'm exaggerating) off of the edge.

The tree house had always been our meeting point, even before all the trouble with the betting game, and over the years its sophistication had... deteriorated. The paint on the walls was peeling, the sofa had springs sticking out all over the place, peices of wood lay across the floor, and well... lets just say we'd all grown a few feet since the day that it was made.

"So, who's going to get Olivia then?" Liam asked, raising an eyebrow and leaning against the wall. I looked up expectantly.

"Me!" Asher and myself didn't hesitate to answer at exactly the same time.

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