This poem is telling people to open their eyes to the wider world of poverty, famine ect ect
I wrote this poem because i was fed up of people judging me about what i wear and that is mainly what i'm talking about in this poem.



OPEN YOU'RE EYES to the world around you

you may see things that may astound you

Poverty is all around you and me

And sadly one of us is too naive to see

The impact Fashion has on peoples life

and i mean the lives of those who suffer at fashions price


Times are hard don't you know

not everyone can afford Hollister and SuperDry clothes!

I'm open minded and i will always be me

not what fashion dictates me to be

i'll never be a fashion queen but just think this

where would you be if fashion didn't exist?


Yes i just said it, if fashion didn't exist

Where would you be when fashion fails to insist

what you have to wear and where you buy you're clothes

You will be a nobody and Geeks rising over those

who ever put them down 'cos of what they wear

the way they act in class and the way they do their hair


Fashion's rein over planet earth will only be found in history books

Yeah reading books will be cool now that you're not bothered about your looks

Brain's will be valued over fit boys and pretty girls

Discussing quantum therm on dinner dates and not the clothes that make you hurl

Fashion's just a waste of money, now that top may be hot 

next week you'll say "what was i thinking!" and it is suddenly not


Have you ever wondered where clothes come from

yeah they are from Primark but who were Primarks slave's?

Small children in LEDC's, Poorly paid adults who can't live with their kids

You're sitting here reading this thinking as if!

that won't happen It's the 21st century 

Switch off MTV and watch some documentaries!


You are a product of the fashion industry

Fashion is using you can't you see

Oh sorry Fashion made you blind

so you don't mind

who suffered for new skinny jeans

OPEN YOU'RE EYES then you'll see what I mean!

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