The Magical Quest.

This is for the RuneScape competition.
I don't know wheter I like medival and quests, but I think it would be great to write about.
I'm not familliar with RuneScape, but I have heard of it, and I would like to give this competiton a go!


5. Safe.

The king greeted Gwenith.

It was a massive honour.

Gwenith could describe the situation as surreal.

He congratulated her, and gave her a whole bag full of gold, and coins.

Then it was over.


Gwenith trudged home with her horse and cart.

It was cold, and damp, from the rain.

It smelt unusual, almost fresh.

Gwenith had her coins, and gold, but she felt a little upset.

The battles were fun, and the Quest was great.

But now she had to go back to her job, collecting and delivering things she couldn't even afford with the gold and coins.

A voice was heard.

She spun round, and faced a man her age, with hair brown and scruffy, and eyes a magical brown.

"Are you Gwenith?" he asked.

Gwenith nodded.

"My master has requested you"

"Oh, why? Have I done somthing wrong?"

"Oh no! You've done something brilliant!"

"May I ask what?"

"You completed a Quest for the King! Not one person has completed a Quest from him!"


"I agree. Now, Gwenith, would you like to do a Quest with me, for my Master?"

Gwenith's answer was never going to be a NO.

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