The Magical Quest.

This is for the RuneScape competition.
I don't know wheter I like medival and quests, but I think it would be great to write about.
I'm not familliar with RuneScape, but I have heard of it, and I would like to give this competiton a go!


2. Port Sarim...

Gwenith was prepared.

A sword and sheild were lent by the Knights, and armour were lent by The King.

Gwenith had a little training by her father with swords, so she had experience.

She arrived at Port Sarim, where it was half deserted, half covered with Pirates.

Gwenith kept her sword in her hand, and her shield close.

She snuck through the town un-noticed, and towards the Pirates Hut.

In the Hut lay the Rubies, Diamonds, Gold, everything she dreamt of.

But she was here on a Quest, so she musn't get distracted.

She crept through the town un-noticed, or so she thought.

She heard a slight shuffle, and  a sword landed on the ground next to her.

She grabbed her own, and slashed at the the person trying to kill her.

She missed, but not by much.

A sword fight took place, Gwenith missing every shot at her.

She ended up stabbing her oponant in the arm.

She ran off, taking her sword with her.

The hut was just a few metres away, and so, she made her way through the secret door in the back.

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