The Magical Quest.

This is for the RuneScape competition.
I don't know wheter I like medival and quests, but I think it would be great to write about.
I'm not familliar with RuneScape, but I have heard of it, and I would like to give this competiton a go!


3. Edgeville...

Gwenith had the stash of Rubies in a small bag.

She'd completed one task out of three.

She needed to pass through Edgeville now, where the main battles took place.

She'd defeted one man, but that out of a whole army, she'd surely loose.

She held her sword down her arm, ready to fight anyone who dared.

She turned a round corner, and watched in amazment, as two ginormous armies battled.

But her amazment soon faded, as she remembered she'd have to pass through that.

And who's side would she be on if somebody asked?

She'd have to toughen up, and take charge.

Some how.

Her shield was at the ready, and she ran.

The cold, bitter wind blew her hair as she did so, and the people who looked like ants were bigger then she'd expected.

Innocent knights fell to the ground; defeated.

Fear kept Gwenith from speaking, but courage kept Gwenith running.

She'd been choosen for the Quest, it was finally her time to shine.

She ran into the battle ground, ducking under swords, and edging around the groaning warriors.

She'd fought 2 large men off, kicking, and thrashing her sword about.

Beads of sweat rolled down her face, even though she was half freezed to death.

A sword swung down towards her head, and she fell to the ground, and rolled out of the way.

Her heart was in her throat; she'd almost died.

She picked herself up, and quick, as another sword lashed out at her.

This time, she swung her sword towards her oppenant, and guarded herself.

He gasped, and tried to force her too the ground.

But she was stonger and smarter then that.

As soon as a chuckle left the mans throat, she spun round and lent against him,elbowed his face, and slashed the sword out of his hand.

He groaned, and fell to the ground, like half of his army.

She smiled, and continued running, until she made her way out of the  battle ground.

She had one last leg of the journey.

And that was to make a little visit to the kings dead father.

He was buried in the ruins of 'The Olde Castle', hidden in the heart of what remained of the building.

As soon as she was to leave, the long path would lead her around the battle grounds, and Port Sarim, and all the way back to Falador.

She felt extremely relieved.


The Castle fell into view after a few miles, and Gwenith felt a small burst of energy. She ran all the way up to the the old ruins, and placed her sword and shield down on a rock. As soon as she entered the Castle, dark clouds setteled over her head.

Rain was approching, and fast.

She picked her sword and shield back up, after she'd tied her hair, and set off inside the Castle.

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