The Magical Quest.

This is for the RuneScape competition.
I don't know wheter I like medival and quests, but I think it would be great to write about.
I'm not familliar with RuneScape, but I have heard of it, and I would like to give this competiton a go!


1. Falador...

Gwenith gazed up at the giant, white, walls of Falador.

She was at the huge, wooden gate, with fearsome knights guarding each side.

Her horse was getting annoyed, and if he did so, the Cart she was delivering wouldn't be getting delivered.

One of the Knights held out a protected hand, motioning for Shillings.

Gwenith pulled out her small bag full of shillings that she'd earnt the day before, and passed over 3 shillings.

The Knight stood back, and opened the giant gate.

Gwenith jumped back on her horse, and rode through the town until she reached her destination.

It was a Rich, Medival house on a slight hill, guarded once again by knights with even bigger swords, and shields.

"Hello, I am Gwenith Madson, I am here on behalf of the Kings order..."

"I know who you are, Miss Gwenith. Please enter. The Cart will be left with The Cartsman. This way".

The Knight led Gwenith towards the house, and through the treshold, until they were led into a large room, where a short man stood at a desk, Shillings and pennys stacked in the corner of the room.

"Sire, the Lady has arrived. The Que..."

"Yes, yes, you may leave now, Ledston. Ah, Miss Gwenith. Please step forward".

Gwenith obeyed.

"Now. I know you were here because of the delivery, but something encluding the King, has come up. He would like you to do a tremendous job. A Quest".

Gwenith felt her self stiffen.

A Quest?

Surely a Male would be better suited for the job.

"Sire, I have just one question"


" What is this Quest? What am I accuired to do?"

"Ah, yes. You must collect the finest Rubies from Port Sarim. Beware of Pirates, Gwenith. Also, you must complete one battle from Edgeville, as the folk there are after the King.One final task is to collect The Silver from the Kings, fathers grave. I know it's a handful, but it must be done. The King can reason with the angry citezens of Gielinor, and keep any stowaways from sneaking in through Port Sarim. I know this is a large favour. But the King spercifically requested you" he explained.

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