The Secret Of Celeste Willow High

I found out that Raven is trying to commit suicide! But why? Because of something in her past. But to find out, I must attend Celeste Willow High...

Acryllis is an ordinary 20 year old girl, who can read minds, and just so happens to have a 1000 year old vampire sister called Raven. And a sister Holly, brother Duke, half sister Aileshe and her cousin Avery, who all live in the same house.

Raven is trying to get revenge on Celeste Willow, the evil girl who framed her in High School. But to do so, she must kill herself to communicate with Celeste. Acryllis does not want Raven to die, so heads to Celeste Willow High herself. But with a sudden case of Amnesia, Acryllis can't remember a single thing! Will she be able to find out the secret before Raven kills herself, or is it too little, too late..?


1. The Clue


    I’ve been doing my research. Yesterday I asked Raven why she was a vampire. “Shut up, Acryllis!” was the only answer I had. Well, only until I saw the two faint blood-red dots on her neck. It was really suspicious. I snuck into her room, but it was really hard with her different anti-burglary systems. I snatched her school records from under her pillow and began reading.   Rachel Reass   Miss R. Reass was one of our top students at Celeste Willow High until she hid the barrel of toxic waste and oil in her locker. I was very disappointed with her. She was only going to be 20 on the next week! 1012 has been such a hard year. But Raven says that she didn’t do it, she claims that-   I had to stop and cough. The amount dust and cobwebs in here is horrifying! I also heard footsteps. I had to close the file, put it under her pillow and hide. The door opened, a shadowy figure looked around suspiciously. Then suddenly, a camera appeared in front of her. “Smile for the flash. Cheese!” said a robotic female voice. You could see the shock in her amber eyes as the room suddenly got brighter, and brighter, and brighter…   Then, boom. It hit me. She wants herself to die. I shut the book, pulled up my spider web hoodie and silenced myself for camouflage. I suddenly understood. Anyway, she’s already half dead. She was probably standing still there, motionless, for about a day. I had to sleep, or gosh, who knew what would happen?
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