Apocalypse Night

Just a Zom Story

Also I wrote this in 1st year, so please don't be harsh LOL


6. Chapter 5


‘Is he awake?’

‘Look, how do I know?’

‘He’s been out for hours!’

‘Maybe we should get the school nurse?’ Jim opened his eyes slightly to see everyone by the left side of his bed, Clara clutching his arm.

‘Please don’t be dead. Who will annoy me now?’

‘I’ll still annoy you. What’s going on?’ Jim asked, sitting up properly. Everyone sighed a sigh of relief. Then they looked away, mumbling under their breath.

‘What? Why were you all looking at me like that? Like I’m in Hospital.’

‘Well, you were out for hours. We were worrying about you’ said Janine, rubbing her eyes.

‘She’s been crying’ explained Sarah, patting her back.

‘I’ve only been sleeping… god.’ Every one wandered away as Jim got up, grabbed clothes, and entered the bathroom. He stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, wondering what they were upset about. Sunddenly, he noticed his eyes were misty on his coloured bit.As he leant in to check, they went back to normal, leaving him startled. He dressed as quickly as he could, before running out at a sound of a thud. There was Fraser, kneeling on the ground holding his fingers in pain.

'What were you trying to do?' asked Sarah, kneeling next to him.

'Trying to open that darn box. It's burnt me fingers badly.' He showed them his fingers, not badly burnt but they were a little scalded.

'Go treat your hand. We'll try.' said Janine, rolling up her sleeves, and advancing towards it.

'No stop. If it burnt Faser, then it can burn you' cautioned Clara, but Janine's fingers were clasped round it already. Steam rose from were her hands were, but she still held her grasp. Then she screamed, falling back about five meters from were the table was.

'Janine! Are you ok?' they called.

'Fine, I've just been thrown about five meters and I'm ok!'  she said sarcasticly.

'What do you think?!?!'

'I think no-one should try this box again. I mean, what moron gives this as a prize?' Sarah complained.

'The same person who stares at the seven people who were one person short' Jim said sitting on a chair, and glaring at the floor.

'What do you mean?' asked Andrew, coming over to him and staring.

'I mean, as we left to get this room. He stared at us. He was smirking slightly like he knew this was gonna happen.' 

'Well, couldn't have known this was gonna happen. How was he to know?'

'Maybe he's psychic?' suggested Fraser,  re-entering the room. Everyone, looked at him, thinking exactly the samething.

'I don't think he's psychic Fraser' Janine mumbled.

'Well, how else was he to smirk. Did he think we would explode the school?' Jim laughed, falling off the chair laughing. Nobody else found it funny. Then a voice appeared above them saying school was starting soon, so get ready. Jim grabbed his favorite pair of trainers and went to the door.

'Meet you in class.' He said over his shoulder.

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