Apocalypse Night

Just a Zom Story

Also I wrote this in 1st year, so please don't be harsh LOL


5. Chapter 4


‘Welcome to our new students. We hope you like it here at Allwill’ said a brown-haired woman, in a faded blue jumpsuit with a light lilac cardigan. She had deep purple high heels and a big chunky necklace. Her face was caked with make-up and her hands were clasped. Her fingernails were painted deep purple and electric blue and her toenails matched. On her wrists she wore ten-eleven bracelets up her arms, with the pattern thin, chunky, thin, chunky. Jim leaned discreetly over to Fraser.

‘She’ll win a Halloween costume contest any day?’

‘Ha ha ha ha, shhhh, shut up. We’ll get in trouble.’ Fraser tried to disguise his laugh with a sneeze.

‘Now, the first eight groups that got the eight large rooms, were also in for a prize draw. Would the Key-holders please come forward.’ Monique walked over, with seven others. The eight Key-holders stood at the front, waiting for their name to be called for the prize. The woman put her hand in a glass bowl and grabbed a name. Everyone held their breath.

‘Chelsea Newrith!’ She proclaimed as everyone clapped and cheered. Well, the second line sat, glum faced not cheering. She walked up and was handed the prize of a chocolate Gift Basket after shaking hands with the Woman. She announced that there was another prize draw. She put her hand back into the glass bowl and shouted out Monique’s name. She was handed the prize straight away.

‘The prize is a box that cannot be opened. Well, it can but by one member, of the group, that the box chooses. Congratulations’ said the woman smiling and handing the box over. Monique stared at it depressingly as everyone else laughed.

‘Is this a joke Miss?’ asked Fraser, laughing hysterically.

‘No young man, this is not a joke. Mr Dalon was in charge of the prize, but however he has lost it. He has replaced it with this, which was left in the cellar. How thoughtful.’ Her wide-eyed expression made the students giggle.

‘Now on to the proper stuff. My name is Ms Fulhorn, and if you have any problems come and see me on the top floor in the main school building.’ She droned on and on, for at least two hours. By the end it was time for dinner, before the rest of the day for, staying in their rooms studying and talking before lights out. Jim couldn’t wait to be in their rooms chilling out. After a dinner of warm chicken curry, the seven trekked warily to their room. Janine flew on to her bed, opening her case and grabbing a book.

‘I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired’ she said opening her book and reading deeply, before being interrupted by Sarah for a discussion about that series of books. Everyone sat on the soft couch, watching TV. It was some documentary about bears.

‘That seems to be the only thing that’s on. I can’t watch my favourite shows’ wailed Andrew, before walking away. The rest watched, ‘till they drifted away ,one by one, to bed. Jim was the only one up, as he found a way to get proper channels to watch. He sat watching a programme about disabled kids and schools, before feeling that he was being watched. His eyes turned to the box that seemed to grow darker and darker at every second. He was about to get up and check it out, before being startled by a loud snore coming from Sarah’s bed. He sighed and climbed into his bed, his eyes warily closing, thinking of his Mum and Dad. He wondered how they were getting on as his breath slowed and he fell asleep. On the table, the box gave a soft growl, before unlatching it’s lid and a black cloud seeped out of it towards Jim’s bed. It was time, and it knew it.

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