Apocalypse Night

Just a Zom Story

Also I wrote this in 1st year, so please don't be harsh LOL


4. Chapter 3


When Jim and the rest got to the front they were greeted by the three teachers. One of which was a woman and the other two were men. The woman smiled insanely whilest the other two smiled sheepishly.

‘Hello hello, and welcome to Allwill Boarding school. We hope you enjoy it here’ said the woman still grinning.

‘My name is Mrs Grahams and these are Mr Davie and Mr Dalon. We are the head of the new pupil’s arrival. We hope you all are in our classes.’ Mr Dalon looked at Jim like he was looking at a rubbish dump. Jim checked to see if his breakfast wasn’t down his shirt or something like that. It wasn’t, so he looked back. What you looking at? he thought. Mr Dalon then looked down and started rifling through some papers, then stopping, and placing a sheet in each folder, with a sticker baring their names, and handing them each the bulging folders.

‘These folders are containing your timetables, and including information on the school, classes and a map of the school. There are other things you can look at in there though. We hope you enjoy the experience here.’ Mr Dalon looked at them and then frowned.

‘Well, we seem to be out of balance. For each room there are seven roommates.’ He pointed to a girl behind them.

‘YOU! Join this group.’ She nimbly walked up her head bowed. She blushed at the group’s glance.

‘What’s your name?’ asked Mr Dalon glaring at her.

‘Janine em, Lilton’ she said, her blush growing redder by the minute. She then looked up and saw the group.

‘You will be sharing a room with these six okay?’ asked Mr Dalon still glaring at Janine.

‘Yes sir’ Janine whispered. Mr Davie smiled and held his hand out to the right.

‘You may go to your room before the welcome assembly at six. Be there on time if you can.’ The seven nodded and shuffled out of the three teachers way. Jim looked back and noticed Mr Dalon glaring at them, tapping his fingers impatiently. Jim peered more closely at his face to see he was smiling slightly.

‘What’s with that Dalon guy?’ whispered Jim to Fraser. Fraser blinked at him.           

‘What do you mean?’ Fraser asked, his head turning slightly.

‘I mean, did you see the way he looked at us?’ Fraser looked at Mr Dalon and saw what he meant. Well, he got a glimpse.

‘I don’t know, but he seems weird. Like the fidgety sort. Look, lets just hurry to our room, okay?’

‘Yeah, your right.’ Jim looked ahead and hoped for the best room. He didn’t want a scruffy, stained ugly room, you know? When they finally got a lift four floors up, turned right, walked to the end of the corridor, turned left, walked to the end of that corridor, turned left then right again and reached the door, Monique reached out to turn the handle before noticing a note taped to the beige door. It said: ”One of you seven have the key to this door. The person, who has the key, may look after it if they wish. It is in one of your folders.” The seven checked their folders, secretly hoping it would be them.

‘I GOT IT!’ shouted a voice. Jim looked up and saw that Monique had it, holding it triumphantly in the air. She opened the door and the seven stared, delightfully. The room walls were summer sky blue, with three bunk beds and a single bed by the massive window. The curtains were soft olive with gold swirls all over it. The bed covers were matching but the bright yellow sheets was covered with olive swirls. There were seven desks, put perfectly into a square. There were textbooks of every sort on a bookshelf and the floor was the colour of grass. The ceiling was painted yellow as if it were the sun. There were two cream white sofas facing a TV, with a matching white soft chair, and a blue rug that look like the sea so there was a bubble design on it. Clara and Sarah raced to the bunk nearest one of the massive windows. Fraser and Andrew the next one then Monique and Janine the last one. Jim stared at the single.

‘What time is it?’ asked Janine, as Fraser consulted his watch.

‘Twenty to. Shall we head?’ They all walked out and down the hall talking. Jim hung back with Monique as she locked the room door and placing the key in her jean pocket.

‘So, how’d you end up here? Jim asked raising an eyebrow at her.

‘My Mother was having her fifth kid so my three younger siblings and me had to go to Boarding. My step dad paid for it all. But I wanted to be with my Mother. Harold said it was fair if the kids all went to boarding school. They never consulted my Dad. He said him and Mum had to go over everything together. But Harold and my Dad don’t get on though so he probably never told Mother that he said no. I hate Harold.’ Monique explained, her face growing angrier at every sentence. She turned round to Jim her face happier.

‘But that doesn’t matter. So how did you get here?’

‘Well, my parents and us are going to move house to London, so they sent us here trying to get me and Sarah and Clara all out the way so they can plan. The neighbours will be happy though. They hate me. I’m loud and clumsy. So they’ll be partying when we move.’

‘I live in London. Well, my Dad does. My Mother and Harold live in East Essex. Not a nice place, but hey.’ Monique said smiling fondly.

‘Hurry up lovebirds. It’s ten to. We’ll be late!’ shouted Janine, tapping her foot impatiently and her arms crossed. Monique and Jim ran to the others as the stepped into the lift and pressed the button.

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