Apocalypse Night

Just a Zom Story

Also I wrote this in 1st year, so please don't be harsh LOL


3. Chapter 2


‘Student Passports please’ said a bored intercom voice. Whilst Clara fiddled in her bag, and Sarah was deep into a book, Jim placed the passport into the slot. It scanned the passport with a bright light and read his details aloud. Jim blushed. Clara was next placing it delicately, as if it were a piece of porcelain. Sarah was next, but she was so into the book, Jim had to take her pass from her and place it down. Sarah grabbed it automatically and wandered into the school followed closely by the other two.

 ‘Jim never again take my passport for the school. Right?’ Sarah glared at him, growling in a low voice.

‘Right I hear ya. But you and your books are just annoying and’ Jim stopped and looked at her glaring angry face. He smiled slyly and shook his head.

‘No wonder Mr Castling through you out your first school.’

Sarah hit him across the head with her book. Suddenly a big bang then thump with a loud high squeal thundered across the school. The lights dimmed and the floor rumbled. It went on for twenty seconds then stopped. The lights went back to normal and the floor returned to still.

‘What the freaking heck was that’ said Clara her knees shaking slightly.

‘I heard it was called the Sonic Day or in Italian the Giorno di Sonic. It happens every day at 5:00 in the afternoon. No one knows who by, where or why’. Said a voice behind them. They turned slowly and saw a girl with long red hair down to her waist clutching a phone. Her eyes were goldy-brown, like a vampire’s. Her figure was thin and her feet were quite small. She looked about 5ft 2 for instances. Her fingernails were painted electric orange and her pumps were sky blue, like they were new. Jim smiled at her and started the conversation.

‘Hey the name’s Jim. Really Jonathan but Jim’s a nickname. What about you.’

Sarah and Clara stared at each other.

‘Monique. Monique Fabor.’ Her eyes met his.

‘And we’re Clara and Sarah Jessica’ said Clara pointing. Monique swapped to look at the pair and smiled. Just then a boy ran up behind Monique and wrapped his arms around her.

‘Wait up Monique’ he said. She brushed him off and smiled. Monique turned smiling and shaking her head. Fraser looked up and smiled at the other three.

‘Fraser Smith. From Ireland. Moved here from Dublin. My Mam thought that sending me here, to England to live with ma Aunt, Uncle and cousins, would boost my confidence. It did when I met Monique at St. Adele’s.’ Fraser had black shortish hair and his eyes were brown and his figure was of a strong build, his arms bulging with muscles. They all walked up the corridor talking about anything under the sun.

‘So how did you three up here. You and your sisters I mean.’ Jim wrinkled his nose.

‘They girls are not my sisters. Clara’s my stepsister, the blond and brown streaked haired one, and Sarah Jessica, the ginge, is my cousin’. Sarah heard this and flicked her hair. It took them four minutes to get to the main hall doors, before Jim got elbowed in the knee.

‘Hey’ Jim cried looking down and rubbing his knee.

‘Sorry. My bag must’ve slipped from my hands. All my books are everywhere.’ Jim looked at the small, thin boy. He looked up, his eyes shinning.

‘My bag’s an ejit. Andrews the name and I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland.’

The group entered the main hall. All was quiet. Jim noticed that nobody else, except a little group of fourteen, were in the hall. The six of them walked up boldly to the table, to be greeted by three teachers.

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