Apocalypse Night

Just a Zom Story

Also I wrote this in 1st year, so please don't be harsh LOL


2. Chapter 1


Jim heard his Mum’s shouts. He gazed at his attic bedroom.

‘Well, see you in a few years or so’. Jim had lived there for ten years, but as he closed his eyes and sighed, he thought of his last ten years here. He grabbed his trunk, and packed into his backpack possessions and pictures of friends and family before zipping it shut, flinging it on his back and bolted for the attic stairs. He tripped on the top stair and fell down comically. Clara opened her door and looked down at him.

‘Really Jim. Didn’t mum shout you to hurry yourself up?’ Clara had blond hair that was streaked with brown and was always kept back with an Alice band. Clara was his stepsister and moved in with them at ten from the local care home. Her Mum gave birth to her at sixteen then gave her up for adoption needing to get her life back on track. 

‘Shut your mouth. Or I’ll take your phone off you for a month.’

‘Scary Jim’ Clara joked, grabbing her stuff and closing her door. He waddled down the stairs to the hallway and dropped the trunk to hear Sarah Jessica’s words to his mum.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll look after him Katie’ she said raising her eyebrows at him.

‘No need. I’ll be fine’ Jim said, staring at them. Sarah was his cousin, when her Mum and Dad died in a flight crash; his Mum took them in because of the rest of the family, hating Sarah’s Dad for “stealing” a Grand from Aunt Rebecca. He asked to borrow it, and she agreed. The slight problem is that Aunt Rebecca has short-term memory loss, so she told everyone that he stole from her. Jim picked his trunk up and carried it to the car.  He threw it in the boot, slammed it shut and bolted to the front seat. Clara and Sarah stared at him, mouths dropped, as he smiled and waved at them to hurry. Clara slammed the back door shut and played her I-pod listening to Chris Marvin. Sarah shut her door and opened up a book halfway. Jim looked at his Dad, who was explaining to the neighbours, which one was shaking his head and the other glaring angrily, about the crashing fifteen minutes ago, and then turned to his Mum. Katlyn looked at the kids across the street talking around a bike. Jim sighed his last sigh in his street before his Dad shut the door, started the car and drove off to Allwill Boarding School.

They arrived at Allwill three hours later, and Jim’s Dad stared at the kids he had looked after for seventeen years.

‘Kids. Try to behave’ he said his eyes filling with tears. Clara leaned forward and hugged her Dad.

‘You’re the best Dad. We won’t let you down.’ she said glaring at Jim. Jim looked at Sarah and twirled his finger round his head. Sarah nodded her head and high-fived her Dad. Jim left the car waving to him. They watched him drive to the gates and turn left, before the three of them turned and looked at their new home. 

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