18 year old James died in an accident, causing Sara to get mad. After getting in an accident herself, she sets out to find out what happened to him and where he is...


1. The accident

He looked away, he wanted her to be happy, but after the murder of her parents last year she was quiet. She looked at the paper she had bought. Then screaming, she threw it down and ran upstairs. He followed, shouting up to her.

'SARA... WHAT IS IT?' But she wouldn't answer. Oh James... she thought. Sara opened a cupboard and threw clothes onto her bed. Nothing was going to make her stay anymore. Nothing. James shouted again and again, trying to get her to answer him. She blanked him and packed her suitcase. Then grabbing her shoes and jacket from the bed, she ran downstairs before stopping in front of a picture on the table. She looked at the picture, crying over the picture of her and James, then went out to her car and started to drive. James stepped in front of her, before jumping out the way. After Sara reversed she sped off, James trying to keep up. But she was too fast making him fall behind. He stopped and noticed that she wasn't going to stop. He went into an alleyway, running counting each breath. Sara stopped at some lights crying her eyes out as she watched other couples walking about, laughing and kissing. James was nearing and was so close to getting to her when the lights changed. Sara made her car go forward, before getting hit by a lorry driver. James stopped and stared. Tears formed as her ran to her. 

'SARA!!!' He shouted, wishing she was okay. A crowd had gathered, as well as some police officers trying to get the driver and moving the crowd. Then, in front of him, Sara appeared and held her hand out.


'Sara...' He was so close to grasping her hand, when he was pulled away and Sara was sent spiraling around. Then she ended up in a new alleyway. Looking around, she noticed she wasn't in Edinburgh anymore. 


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