When heaven calls.

When a young girl named Georgia just turned 18 went clubbing and something happens, something bad… it could have been worse if it wasn't for Liam Payne.


2. The hero


I saw this very drunk looking girl walking towards the couch I was conserened I couldn't drink I was just there looking after my band mated, I can't drink cause only one of my kidney works. So anyway then this lovely girl falls no one notice I rushe over to her with Louis who was not to drunk, "ARE YOU OKAY!? Wake up!" I screamed moving her head she was breathing…just. I pulled out my phone and called the ambulance, I told them what happened and they were on their way, I looked for id or a phone I asked Louis what to do he told me to check her boobs invade that's we're her phone was, I thought it was silly but I was worried so I did, and there was her phone, I pulled it out. This girl came running over to us, "WHAT HAPPENED?!" she screamed "I don't know I just saw her faint! The ambulance is on their way! Do you know her?" "um yeah she's my best friend!"
The next minute I now it I'm in the ambulance with Sam and this other girl I still haven't found out her name.
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