When heaven calls.

When a young girl named Georgia just turned 18 went clubbing and something happens, something bad… it could have been worse if it wasn't for Liam Payne.


1. 18 and already clubbing!


"happy birthday!" all my friends screamed before we were about to leave, we got all dressed but see it was my 18th today and we are going to go clubbing mum is not to found of the idea. "low you mum!" I said kissing her goodbye I may be 18 but I love my mum! I could hear my friends screaming at the front, I looked out side "OUR RIDE IS HERE!" screamed Sam she was a good friend she was the best. We all got in.

10 minutes later…

Okay this is the first stop. I loved my life living in London with not a care or a worry in the world! But that never lasts long. After a few rounds of drinks I felt really dizzy I could just see all my friends dancing and having fun, I smiled I wobbled up to the bar, "can I please get a water?" the guy looked at me funny "um sure but mam are you ok? You don't look it? "I'm-I'm fine thanks!" I jut managed to get out thinking wayyy to many drinks!

"hey babe!" this guy came up to me "hi?" I said drinking my water "come on let's have some fun! ANOUTHER ROUND OF SHOTS!" he screamed "no no I'm not up for it I'm only 18 I've had wayy to many!" he smiled "only 18" I was getting scared he was being friendly a little to friendly.

I put my head in my hands "fine!" I saw him mixing my drink but at the time thought nothing of it. We drank them Sam pulled me of the stool "hey not a good idea I don't want you getting in trouble!" "ok I'll go sit over there" I'm stumbled over to the couch the music was so loud but got quieter then my vision got blurrier and I fell hitting my head hard.
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