More Than I Could Ever Hope

Hi my name is Mia Thompson and this is the story of how Louis and I became something more...

This is my first ever fan fiction so i hope you all like it :) Please comment even criticism is good as long as its nice because it will help me with my writing :)


7. VIP Access


Even though we basically sprinted the whole way here we are last in line. Oh joy I have to wait in a line like 50meters long to see five boys that I don't even think are that amazing, but maybe if Liam sees me up close he might remember me and since we are last in line if he does we could talk...

*One hour later*

Finally its our turn and Skye is just about to burst I can tell.


Finally only two people left! Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE getting to meet all the fans but I am really tired and I wanna get some sleep. I hope these girls aren't to loud because I've got a headache as well.

"Come in!" Paul says to the last two girls. Wow they must of waited a while. It amazes me how dedicated our girls are sometimes. The two girls walk in one of them is really pretty she has beautiful big blue eyes and long chocolate brown hair that is nice and curly and shes wearing a One Direction shirt and some shorts, then her friend walks in. WOW! She takes my breath away. She is absolutely stunning. She is quite small but pretty muscly which I think suits her really well, she has long golden curly hair which she has in a messy high pony tail which looks really great. Her eyes are just amazing! They are a beautiful hazel colour and they are so big. 

She looks at me and I realize I've been staring.
"Hi girls!" Zayn and Harry say in union
"Hey," the absolutely beautiful one says, nudging her friend who looks like she's about to faint. Surprisingly she has and English accent rather than a Australian one, but who am I to complain?

Liam and Niall, who were in a conversation turn around to say hi, but when Liam sees the two girls he jumps up over the desk and hugs and knocks the gorgeous one to the floor.


I'm a bit tired after the concert and all these girls at the meet and greet. I love our fans so much and they are so dedicated but I'm really tired and I want to go to sleep.

The last two girls walk in and Zayn and Harry say hi. Niall and I finish what we were saying and turn around to say hi. When I turn around I can't believe my eyes. It's Mia! She must of come to the concert then! Without thinking I jump up over the desk and basically jump on her and knock her over.

"MIA!" I yell.
"Hi Liam!" she giggles.
"Oh my God! I've missed you so much!"
"I've missed you too Li Li!" She's basically cracking up laughing by now. "Could you please get off me?" She asks.
"Oh yeah sorry bub!"

I get up and notice her friend standing their frozen to the spot in complete and utter shock. She turns and looks and Mia, "Bub?" she asks,
"Yeah..." Mia replies, "Anyway....Liam this is Skye..."
"Hi Skye!" I say happily, and I hold my and out for her to shake.  
She shakily reaches out and I take hold of her hand, "H...h...hi.....L...Li.....Liam" she stutters, a bit nervous I think.

"Hey boys! Come over here!" I yell out to the guys. They walk over and I notice Louis staring at Mia longer than he should. He's not going out with her because she's my best friend and I don't want her hurt. "Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn this is my friend Mia and I've known her for like ever, and this is her friend Skye."


We ran all the way to the meet and greet and yet we were still last in line. Really I just want to see them and now by the time we get there they'll be really tired and wont even want to see me! I still get to see them but! I'm so excited! ARGH! 

*One Hour later*

It's finally our turn! I think I'm going to faint...

Paul tells us its our turn and I'm holding in a scream because I know the boys don't like it when fans scream in their faces.

When we walk in I see them Niall is the first one. He is having a conversation with Liam who is sitting next in the line. See I knew they would be tired and wanting to go home. Next in line is Zayn, then Harry, next is Louis, who I notice is staring at Mia...

"Hi Girls" They say both say. OMG Harry and Zayn just said hello to us! 

I can't even reply I just stand there looking like a complete idiot.

Since I don't say anything Mia steps in "Hey" she says.

Niall and Liam turn around to say hi. Liam looks a little suprised, maybe its because Mia has a British accent instead of an Australian one? Suddenly Liam jumps over the desk and tackles Mia to the ground. Um what do I do? I'll just stand here... yeah that sounds good...

"MIA!" He yells. Wait what how does he know Mia? Why did Mia not tell me she knows Liam Payne from One Direction?!

"Hi Liam!" she giggles.

"Oh my God! I've missed you so much!" Wait what? Liam Payne has missed Mia Thompson? I am really confused right now. Mia has some serious explaining to do!

"I've missed you too Li Li!" She's basically cracking up laughing by now. "Could you please get off me?" She asks.

"Oh yeah sorry bub!" BUB! BUB! My Liam Payne just called my best friend bub!

Liam gets up and looks at me, OMG  Liam is looking at me! No wait I have to get to the bottom of this.

"Bub?"  I ask looking at Mia.
"Yeah..." She replies awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck, and straight away she changes the subject, "Anyway....Liam this is Skye..."

"Hi Skye!" Liam says, he then holds his hand out for me to shake.  

OK, now I am star struck. I grab his hand and he shakes it, "H...h...hi.....L...Li.....Liam" I manage to stutter. I am so stupid! ARGH! 

"Hey boys! Come over here!" Liam yells out to the boys. They walk over and I think I'm going to faint. I have to grab hold of Mia's hand to keep myself standing up. 

"Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn this is my friend Mia and I've known her for like ever, and this is her friend Skye." Liam introduces us.

"Hi girls!" They all say.

"Hey" Mia says calmly, like she was talking to any other person in the world.

"Um....H...Hello.." I mumble. Oh God I am such a douche.

And just for good measure I add on, "Um...could you please sign my shirt and could I have a picture?"

"Of course you can" Niall smiles

"Thanks" I say

They all sign my shirt and I get a picture with all of them.

"OK, we gotta go now" Louis says, "but would you girls like to exchange numbers? We'd love to keep in touch."

"Yeah sure" Mia replies.

She grabs out her phone, "Liam?" she asks.

He just giggles and takes the phone off her and enters his number and then passes it around to the other boys.

"And what about you Skye?" Zayn asks me. WOW! Zayn Malik just asked me for my number.

I tell them my number and then give them my phone to pass around and enter their own.

"Well then cya Skye, cya Mia" Harry says.

"Bye bye boys" Mia says 

"later" they all say.

Mia nudges me, oh yeah "Bye" I call out. They all give us a wave and we leave.




*I am so sorry that chapter took so long to post but my mums been away and she's had the computer and she only got back today so sorry about that. Once again, thanks for reading and like, comment what you think and I'll try post another chapter today*

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