More Than I Could Ever Hope

Hi my name is Mia Thompson and this is the story of how Louis and I became something more...

This is my first ever fan fiction so i hope you all like it :) Please comment even criticism is good as long as its nice because it will help me with my writing :)


6. The Concert


It's the night of the concert we are in Brisbane and we are standing backstage ready to go on. You can already hear all the girls screaming... I wonder if Mia is part of that crowd I mean she is my best friend (I think) and yeah we did stop taking and I'm not quite sure why but she knows I'm in One Direction and I really wanna see her.


We are standing back stage ready to go out. Wow! These Aussie's are loud! But I love it! It hypes me up and sends off a good vibe.


And I thought the girls in other countries were loud! These Aussie's are incredible! They are really something and I'm so excited for this concert!


I love it when the crowds are like this! These Australian girls have allot of energy! And when the crowd has allot of energy it gives us boys allot of energy and we do better! I cant wait!


Golly Gosh! How loud can people get! But I love it! And plus Australian girls are really cute and I love their accents. I think I might get someone in VIP to say something so I can just listen to their accents! There so cool and I'm pumped! Get ready Australia!




Wow these girls are really loud. They are crazy! I'm getting a couple of weird looks cause I'm not screaming and I'm in VIP. Well its not my fault they're the tickets Skye got me. Wow! Skye is going mad! it's pretty funny actually.

"HELLO BRISBANE!" a voice yells to the crowd. Its Harry.
Everyone starts screaming louder. 

"WOW! you guys are absolutely incredible" another one of them yell this time it's Louis. Wow I actually love his accent its the word for it...I don't know but I like it. And he is really good looking too.

Then Niall, Zayn and Liam run on and yell out how impressed they are with the crowd and the girls go even crazier. I look at Liam and see him looking through the crowd. It looks like he's looking for something specific but maybe that's just what he does at all the concerts...


I look through the crowd searching for Mia's face but I don't see it. I guess she forgot about me then. I makes me sad but I have to push that thought away smile and get get on with the concert.

We've sung a few songs so now we are up to the part where we read out our favourite tweets. Harry reads his first. 

"How long does it take you to do you're hair in the morning? Says Tahlia Mason. umm... it takes me 5 seconds and what about you Liam?"
"about 10 minutes" I tell the crowd.
"How Louis?" Harry asks.
"I'd say 3 to 5 minutes" Louis replies
"Zayn?" Harry questions
"ummm...." Zayn thinks
"Well that's great Zayn and how about you Niall?" Louis buts in making everyone laugh.
"It takes me about-"
'excellent! Ok where are you Tahlia Mason?" Louis buts in yet again. God he is hilarious.
We look around the crowd for her and eventually spot her and say hi and thanks for the question.


"I'm going next!" Niall exclaims.
"Ok you go Irish boy!" Louis says.
"Well then this next tweet is from Skye Turner, and she says would you rather lick the floor of a public toilet or eat a three year old pizza? Well personally I would go for the pizza... What about you guys?"
"Pizza." They all reply.
"Now where are you Skye? Oh! In VIP is see front row nice!"

All the boys look around the front row for Skye and she screaming "ME! ME! ME!" and jumping up and down and going spastic. They finally spot her.
"Hi Skye!" They all yell.
"Thanks for that....different question we like questions that are original." Harry says.
"HI! and that's ok!" Skye screams. I swear she nearly faints because she falls onto me and I have to help her back up. I look up at Liam and I'm pretty sure I see him look at me but he looks away just as quickly so I guess he either didn't see me or doesn't remember me."

The rest of the concert is a blur a stressful surreal blur (lol Mean Girls Quotes coming up sorry I've seen that movie so many times and I just quote it allot). It feels like we've been there for like 15minutes and it's over. I gotta admit One Direction's songs are really catchy and they are great on the stage, but I still prefer allot of other bands and singers over them.

Well the concerts over and since Skye got VIP tickets we get to go meet One Direction. Skye is acting like it's the most important day of her whole life and she grabs me and basically balls through everyone to get to the VIP access part.



*sorry this chapter took so long I've been really busy. I'm really excited but because it's Niall's 19th Birthday tomorrow! SKJFBLGBA! anyways favourite, like, become a fan or comment what you think or whatever because I would really love some feedback! Kik me any ideas you have @Mis_isTheName and thanks again to everyone who has been reading this! Lots of love to y'all xxox*

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