More Than I Could Ever Hope

Hi my name is Mia Thompson and this is the story of how Louis and I became something more...

This is my first ever fan fiction so i hope you all like it :) Please comment even criticism is good as long as its nice because it will help me with my writing :)


3. Starbucks


As I walk into Starbucks I see Mia sitting at a table in the corner staring out the window. She looks like she's deep in thought. I slowly walk up to her.
"hey Mia" I smile, and it's a real smile. God I missed her and it's only been two weeks how am I going to handle her leaving forever?
"hey Li Li!" she smiles and gets up and gives me the biggest bear hug ever. "I missed you Liam and its only been two weeks how and I going to handle moving to Australia without you?!"
She literally takes the words out of my brain and says them. "I was actually thinking the same thing bub." I tell her.
"so we're still best friends then?" she asks.
"of course!" I exclaim.

We go and order our drinks and then come and sit back down.


We got our drinks and sat back down.
"so Liam you know how you asked why I didn't tell you earlier about me...leaving?"
"well I've got an answer for you"
"do tell is then" he smiles
"well I didnt actually find out until the night before you see, my mum and dad had already been planning for ages but so I didn't really get a choice in up the matter" I try to smile but it kinda comes out as a wonky kinda half smile, half sad face kind thing.
"OH Mia! Im so sorry! I didn't know! Come here" Liam says pulling me into a hug.
"of course you didn't know and I forgive you!"
"I love you Mia! You're like a sister to me you know that right? I count you as family, so if you ever come over and visit you are staying with us and that's final!"
"Aww... Li Li! I think of you as a brother too! And if you ever come to Australia you are staying with us! I love you!"

We spent the rest of the time talking about things other than me moving so we didn't have to think about it and we both left with huge smiles on our faces.
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