More Than I Could Ever Hope

Hi my name is Mia Thompson and this is the story of how Louis and I became something more...

This is my first ever fan fiction so i hope you all like it :) Please comment even criticism is good as long as its nice because it will help me with my writing :)


8. Movies Anyone?


As we leave I pull out my phone to text Mia. Wait we only just said goodbye should I text her.... Yeah I will I can't resist. 

To- Mia: Hello :) 

I hope I don't seem to desperate...ooh she text back.

To- Louis: 'ello there good sir :) 

She seems like a strange girl. Not a bad strange but, defiantly a good strange. Like a girl that I can have a laugh with.

To- Mia: what are you doing tomorrow?

To- Louis: nothing yet I don't think... sky and me were thinking of going to the movies

To- Mia: mind if me and the lads join you?

To- Louis: not at all...but won't we get mobbed?

To- Mia: Nope :) I'll make sure of that

To- Louis: how will you do that? may i ask?

To- Mia: No it's a secret ;)

To- Louis: ok then.... so how about Paranormal Activity 4? 8:00?

To- Mia: okie dokie :)

To- Louis: see you there then Loobly Doo

To- Mia: Loobly Doo aye?

To- Louis: yep :P

To- Mia: ok then moo

To- Louis: :O

To- Mia: well Paul is calling us to serve I better go see you tomorrow :) x

To- Louis: aha toodle roonies :) x

So there it's settled we are watching Paranormal Activity tomorrow I better tell the lads after we talk to Paul.


I get a text and check my phone finding out that Louis text me... and what a wonderful name he has given himself 'Louis Sexy Tomlinson ;)' uh hu ok then that's cool.

We figure out that they are meeting us at the movies tomorrow and when I say goodbye I say

To-Louis: see you there then Loobly Doo

and so he decides he's gonna call me Moo. Yep Moo...I only know one other person who calls me Moo. I better tell Skye that they're coming. She's somewhere at my house... she's sleeping over.

"SKYE!" I yell. My parents have gone on a weekend away so we've got the house to ourselves.

"Yes sweetikins?!" She replies.

"Get here right now!"

"What do I get?" She yells back although I can already hear her coming.

"A very exciting present!"

"Ooh!" She's now running. "What is it?" she asks when she enters the room.

"Ok you might wanna sit down..." I pat the space next to me and she sits.

"What's wrong?" She looks worried.

"Um.. well you know One Direction?"

"No I don't Mia.."

"Well anyways they are coming to watch Paranormal Activity 4 with us tomorrow."

She just sits there in shock for a bit, stands up and starts running around the house screaming. After she calms down a bit she says to me, "Wait but Ben is coming" of course I totally forgot.

"I'll just text Louis and ask if they're ok with him coming too"

To- Louis Sexy Tomlinson ;) : hey is are you guys ok with Skye's Boyfriend Ben coming to the movies?

A couple of minutes later he texts back.

To- Mia: yeah sure bring whoever you want :)

To- Louis Sexy Tomlinson ;) : ok coolies bye 

To- Mia: any time catcha :)

I tell Skye what he said, "He said they're cool with it"

"Oh goodies!"


"COMING!" I yell. I get up to open the door and when I get there...

"Hey Moo!" 

"Oh no am I seeing things? Or is this the one the only Aria Steele"

"Nope you are seeing things this is all just a dream and when I punch you you'll wake up"

"Oh no you aren't getting me" I say and wrap her in a cuddle before she can hit me. She hugs me back.

Aria (pronounced uh-r-i-uh) is my favourite cousin. She has long dark brown wavy hair, and dark green eyes. She's so pretty even though she doesn't ever dress or wear any make up other than mascara, which makes her naturally long eyelashes even longer. I am so jealous of her. She rocks up in a pair of tracky pants, (sweatpants) a big hoody and some uggs.

She just walks into the house like it's her own. Which it is of course she can come over whenever she likes. "Well, come in then" I say sarcastically.

"What brings you hear my dear?" I ask her.

"I just can live with those people anymore Mia!" This is bad, Aria only ever calls me Mia if somethings wrong.

"Come here" I say gesturing for a hug. She comes and gives me a hug and starts crying.

"No don't cry" I tell her I hate it when anyone I love cries. especially if it's Aria or Skye. "It's Ok. You can stay here as long as you like, mum and dad have gone for the weekend but they'll be happy to have you.

"Thanks Mia" she sobs.

Then Skye walks in "Mia, who was at the do-ARIA!" She runs up and gives Aria a hug. 

"Skye, Aria will be staying with us for a while"

"YAY! party" Oh I love Skye she makes everyone happy. 

"So. Aria do you want to come to the movies with us tomorrow to watch Paranormal Activity 4?"

"Yeah Ok sounds fun" this is good I like it much better when she's happy.



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