More Than I Could Ever Hope

Hi my name is Mia Thompson and this is the story of how Louis and I became something more...

This is my first ever fan fiction so i hope you all like it :) Please comment even criticism is good as long as its nice because it will help me with my writing :)


1. Best Friends Forever and Always

"Liam do you see me as your best friend?" I asked Liam with allot of curiosity.
"Yes of course I do Mia! Why did you even need to ask that?" he replied.
"So no matter what happens and wherever we go we will always be best friends?" 
"You promise?"
"I promise! Pinky swear!" he smiles and holds out his pinky. I grab it in mine and the promise is made. Liam Payne and I will be best friends forever and always.

"Good because I have something to tell you" I put on my best smile but I've know Liam since I was like 4 years old and he can see straight through me.
"What's wrong bub?" He asks me.
I can't take it I burst out in tears. 

"Mia, don't cry. It's all gonna be ok. Shush..." Liam try's to comfort me but it won't work he doesn't understand. I'm moving to Australia at the end of next month... Apparently my parents have known about it for ages but they only just decided to tell me.
"No it's not ok!" I manage to choke out.
"Mia. Tell me what's wrong I can't help you if I don't know what it is that I need to help you with."
That's the thing about Liam he's so kind and sweet and he will always help out in any way possible no matter who you are. " I'm going to Australia at the end of next month..."
"Thats great! Oh I'm gonna miss you so much... You'll buy me something on your trip right?"
"Well the thing is...."
"What is it?"
"umm... I'm moving there for good." I mumble as quickly as possible hoping that he didn't hear me.
"For good? Like as in forever?"
"Yeah as in forever" I whisper
"Well you will come and visit right?"
"I hope so. Liam I really don't want to go! I love it hear so much and I don't know anyone in Australia and I'm going to miss you so much!"
"I know... And I'm gonna miss you too. So much.. But sometimes life throughs you great opportunities and this could be one of them. You've just gotta take it by the horns and go crazy!" he's trying to be happy for me, I can tell but I can see right through him and he is really sad.
" don't have to be happy about this you know that right?"
"yeah I know...I'm just wondering why didn't you tell me sooner? I thought we told each other everything?" He looked really hurt and you could see it in his eyes that he was holding back tears.
"Liam I didnt know.."
"Didn't know what? That I would be sad to see my best friend leave me forever! That I would've wanted to know about this at least a bit before a month before it happens! I thought I meant more to you than that" ok he was really hurt now. He got up to walk away.
I grabbed his wrist to stop him "Liam!" I was basically yelling to hold back from crying.
"No Mia...Just don't...I need some time to myself for a bit...some time to think..." and with that he pulled out of my grip and was gone. I was left to sit on the park bench in the chilly winter air alone to my thoughts.
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