More Than I Could Ever Hope

Hi my name is Mia Thompson and this is the story of how Louis and I became something more...

This is my first ever fan fiction so i hope you all like it :) Please comment even criticism is good as long as its nice because it will help me with my writing :)


5. 3 Years Gone By

*3 years later*


I wake up to the horrible sound of my alarm telling i have yet another day left of school. At least its the last day of the term. 

I groan and turn over to turn my alarm off. I hit the off button and look at the picture on my bedside table, it's a picture of Liam. I miss him so much! Sure we talked and Skyped and texted and so on for a while but after about just over a year after I left we just lost touch. I don't know why and I guess I never will, because now he has millions of screaming girls chasing after him so why would he even remember me. 

He is in a famous boy band, you may of heard of them... he's in One Direction! Yeah I know right how exciting! Nah I like them and they have talent and they are all handsome boys and everything but it's just not really my type of music. My friend Skye is like obsessed with them but.

"yes mum" I yell in my croaky morning voice.

I get up and go down to eat breakfast. I settle on Vegemite on toast. I don't get why people don't like Vegemite, like i think it's delicious! I eat my toast and then go into the bathroom and brush my teeth. When I'm done with that I go into my room and get changed into my school uniform. Urgh! I hate my uniform so much! The top is a white collared blouse with a pocket on the left side with the school emblem on it. The bottoms is either a skirt or these things called clots, they are like really baggy pants that look like skirts. I wear the clots, they are bottle green and come up just past the knee. We have to wear plain white socks that come up to about 1/3 of your shin and black leather lace up school shoes. That's just the girls one by the way. It's a bit chilly today seeing as its winter so I put on the jumper its a dark green woolen jumper that is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I straighten my hair and since we have to tie it up unless its shoulder length (which mine is defiantly not, mine reaches the small of my back) I tie it up in a messy high ponytail. 

I grab my phone and my iPod and put them in the pocket of my skirt. I pick up my school bag and walk into the living area of our house and grab the $10 that mum put on the bench for my lunch.

"Cya Mum!" I yell out.
"Bye darling! Come give me a kiss!"
I walk into the lounge room where she is sitting, "Toodles Mum!" I say and blow her a kiss. She pretends to catch the kiss and blows one back and I pretend to catch it too and laugh.
"Love you Mia" she calls out.
"Love you too Mum" I say back and walk out.

I pull out my earplugs and put on some music from my iPod and start the long boring walk to school. Ok maybe the walk isn't that long its only like 10 minutes, but still. As I'm walking along I text Skye.
To: Skye - hey darl :) xx
From: Skye - hey babe! whats cracking? :P
To: Skye - just walking to school. And you?
From: Skye - yeah I'm on the bus :( so boring!
To: Skye - i know right at least you don't have to waist all your energy walking
From: Skye - at least you are keeping fit :)
To: Skye - true dat
From: Skye - well me bus just got to school so ill see you there
To: Skye - sure thing you lublysang :)

I walk for another couple of minutes before getting to school. I put my phone on silent and turn my iPod off and slide them into my pocket in my skirt. I go to my locker and put my bag in. I close it up and stand up to go find Skye.

I find her sitting with Ben her boyfriend they are so cute! When they aren't at school they are always together and snuggling and all that jazz. I wish I had a boyfriend that treated me like that but honestly I don't like anyone at the moment.

"Hey guys" I say
"Hey Mia" Ben replies. He's a good lad and he treats Skye right so I like him (as a friend of course). Skye jumps up and gives me a hug, "Hey, sweetie!" Skye is totally beautiful, and some how she manages to make even our school uniform look good. She has huge bright blue eyes and and beautiful long hair that falls naturally into perfect curls. Today she has her hair in a low ponytail with a fishtail brad across the front.
"what's got you so excited?" I ask her
"Oh my nandos! I have some amayzayn news!" see what I mean about her loving One Direction? She even puts their names and things they like into her words and sentences!
"What is it?"
"Well I got tickets to the One Direction concert!"
"Seriously?" I ask
"Yes! and I got two and I really want you to go...I know you don't really like them but I dont know who else to ask!"
"Come on Mia they're VIP they were like $400 dollars each!" 
This could be my chance to see Liam again! I wonder if he'll remember me. I haven't told anyone that we were or still are (I don't know) best friends, not even Skye and I tell Skye everything she is my best friend. Just like Liam was (or is).
"Skye why did you spend so much money on tickets?!" I yell
"Well I really, really, really want to meet them! So are you coming?"
"I guess I'm gonna have to and I'll pay you back."
"YAY! thank you so much Mia! and no you're not paying me back I refuse!"
"I can't let you spend that much money on me Skye!"
"Oh yes you can! and you will!"
"whatever then. but I owe you...Big time!"

The rest of the day went by in a blur. I'm just so excited to see Liam... I hope he'll remember me...

*ok thanks again if you're reading this and once again please leave your comments and you can kik me ideas on @Mis_isTheName thanks! lots of love to you all! xxox <3*  


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