Various Different Pieces Of Fanfiction

Yes, a very creative title. :P Anyway, as you've guessed, I will pieces of fanficition in here that are about all different books, films, TV shows, and famous people. It may not turn into much.
*Anything over one chapter will be moved from here to its own movella, but this only counts if they are following on from each other, not if they are from the same fandom but different events*


2. An Egg-cellent Visitor (Stargate: Atlantis)

(Really all there is to say about this is:

This is a sparky fic, the John/Elizabeth pairing.

John discovers Elizabeth's addiction, and Elizabeth gets a late night visitor. A little Easter piece I came up with. Enjoy!)


"Worried the Easter bunny won't come?" John smirked as Elizabeth spun around, one hand streaked with chocolate smudges. A nervous laugh escaped her throat.

"I was just-"

"Raiding the kitchen for chocolate. I wonder what McKay and the others would say to that?" he was enjoying their little meeting way too much for his one good...

"Well, we'll just have to make sure nobody finds out, then, won't we?"

"Hey, don't make me do difficult things!" he mock-protested, before winking, turning, and sprinting out of the commissary.


Boy, she was in trouble.


Atlantis' leader turned beneath her bed covers. The last time she'd had difficulty sleeping before Easter was when she was a child. But her encounter with John, mere hours ago, kept her awake better than any cup of coffee could. She pushed off the sheets and trapped over to the bathroom. Water trickled from the tap in the glass in her hand. Then she heard it.


Shivering, she pushed it to the corner of her mind and cut the flow of wateco continuing back to her bed. But there it was again...

Creak, creak.

As the movements became quicker and closer, she dove for her earpiece.

"This is Dr. Weir, intruder in-" her words were cut off by the soft, yet clear hiss of her door. Whoever it was, was gone now, and still her heart hammered throughout her body.

"Dr. Weir? Where's the intruder?"

"It doesn't matter now. They're gone."

"If you say so, Ma'am. Goodnight," and the connection cut off, leaving Elizabeth to ponder whether it was safe to try and sleep after all.


Light filtered onto the bed in tranquil patterns. The view was glorious. Overall, Easter on Atlantis was stunning. Those on he night shift would've had their fair share of chocolate already, and some of those just waking up would be hunting their's down. Elizabeth Weir, however, was part of neither category. Her lack of sleep held her back from the gateway to consciousness. However, after a year of running on little sleep and having to be dragged from her office by one John Sheppard, her body soon allowed her eyes to flutter open. A long, drawn-out sigh escaped her mouth, but was soon replaced with a frown as she caught sight of the foreign objects at the foot of her bed. Of all things, she had been left Easter eggs.

And the note with them?

'Just in case hop-a-lot didn't drop by. ;)


When Halloween came round, he'd better be watching his back...

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