Bandaged Legacy

This is for the legacy poetry contest please read and comment.
In memory of a cancer victim and my friends onlook on their best friend passing away on it. My bestfriend is an inspiration to me and he told me how it had changed his life. To try and grasp his story I have used a sort of poetry and story text type. I hope you enjoy this story. Thanks


1. The bandaged legacy

Sitting by her bed she lay,

drips hanigng from stands, as they stuck into her body.

Her eyes so distant, glassed off by sorrow,

as the light outside started to retreat and burrow.


Her skin pristine grey, bulging veins marking skin,

small body frame crouched with a heart set inbetween.

Head wrapped with cotton, bandana laced the sides,

vibrant blue and yellow patterns traced dancing figures of day and night.


Her small brittle hand felt cold in touch,

as I knelt down beside her ushering prayers of love.

She stifles a little laugh and then rubbed her thumb on mine,

Why was she comforting me when she was about to die.

The doctor had said life support was not an option,

something about cells reaching her heart and brain in caution.

Although she smelt like anaesthetic and looked as if she were dead,

I still loved her anyway since she was my closest friend.


I did care not for her beauty, nor the heat she set off in eyes,

her presence was something I only got to feel when I despised.

A wreck from the start I was leading, as life full of jealousy and lies,

one day I was lying in solitude rain, beat up and left to die.

She helped me recover from this ordeal, bandaging scars and bloodied thigh.

Ill save your life one day Chloe, Ill pay back the deed that I owe,

she smiled at me as she began to laugh as she shunned away all the sorrow.


You don't owe me a thing she did whisper, her lips parting as she did smile,

don't tell me this now just get better, I whispered as I began to cry.

She somehow knew what I was thinking, fate sure does cruel things in life,

no matter if I was hiding or worrying, she'd embrace me and begin to cry.

I can't remember when it happened now, I guess that I forced my memory to forget,

the first day that I found out, that she would only be full of regret.


Why are you crying? She whispered as she smiled and stroked my hair,

cold long nails raked my brow as she comforted me with care.

Why had god chosen this person to end up with this ordeal of fate,

she had told me she considered it a legacy, an end passed on in blood,

she was happy she said that she was the only child so that she might end this cursed flood.


I remember telling her that she was too strong for fate,

that she wouldn't have to worry about the normal things that taint.

Through innocent beliefs and shaded lies I tricked myself instead,

of aiding her when she needed it, nursing her when she thought of death.


Mum said I can sleep over I reminded her in soft tone,

don't be silly she whispered just come back and see me tomorrow.

She looked at me with a sad face, even though she smiled and rasped,

tomorrow remember to study hard for the test in economics class.


You sure you want me to leave? I asked whining in a solemn voice,

get out of here she whispered as she sat up and crouched over poised.

Ill be coming early tomorrow ill do economics later on,

your more important then school I thought, more important then life on its own.

Fine then she breathed as she rested her eyes closing so timidly slow,

reaching down I pecked her cheek as we both whispered "Until tomorrow".


It's now been a year from her death, I remember it like it was yesterday.

She died that night after I left her, on August the twenty ninth.

I remember how I turned up panting as I had heard the bland news,

running through the corridors crying and telling myself she was okay.

I stopped at room twelve and took a look inside, she was there with a blanket cast down on her bony body, no heart beat or pulse left inside.

A nurse was inside crying softly and saw me distort, so she drew the curtain as she whimpered, Ill never forget this thought.

My legs began to shake as I fell to the ground, tears running and splashing on my jeans making no sound.

Shaking my head I began to rock, squinting eyes as hard as it would take,

to hide all the sorrow and reality of time, my beloved friend had passed away.


Legacy or fate inevitably cannot be changed,

each one of us is destined to end our life one way,

the published copy of our lives before we all are born,

is kept up in high court, where no humans can walk alone.

So readers do not fool yourselves with foolish, blind despise,

since life is too short for failure, so strive for justice in pride.



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