I Had A Part To Play Too

I've been called a lot of things before. Such as Girlfriend, Baby, Girl. Especially since I became an inspiration for a song. It's like, nearly 35 years old now, but I remember it clear as day. The nicknames are so well-used, that I don't even know my real name anymore. I know what you're thinking. "How can someone forget their own name?" Well...put it this way. I never did see that car coming.
Being a ghost and all is ok-ish, until recently this year. Some little punk thinks he can just write a retaliation, just like that. Well, I got news for him. Both the guys had their points of views heard, but what about mine? After all, I was there, and that little prick wasn't. I'll get my point of view heard, and hit back.


3. Time Goes Fast, When You Can't Change.

I'd managed, and I'd seen a lot of changes in my time. I was intending to only stay put for a few months, but I sorta, got stuck here. From my arrival on the shores of England, to now, I'd seen a lot. Especially as I'd started in London, then gone out to the west country.

Whilst in London, I saw everything. First thing I saw on my arrival days after my death in 1979, was a parliamentary change. First female Prime Minister (which I still don't get, but I think is like the President) of the UK. Year after that, Zimbabwe becomes independant, John Lennon gets shot, and tons more in that decade alone. Most recent thing I've seen, has to have been the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

After that, I went out to the west country, unsure of where to go next. I'd just picked a random town, Trowbridge, and ended up there, still completely unchanged from when I died.

I physically couldn't age, so I still looked 20. I couldn't change my clothes though, or take them off, so I was still in my poodle skirt, white blouse and monochrome brogues. It could be worse, as I might have died in a rabbit costume, and have to wear that for eternity. At least no-one could see me, so that wasn't a worry.

Trowbridge seems ok, from where I set foot. There's a huge courthouse right next to me, and a huge shopping mall just in the distance. I can't wear any of the clothes though, or be seen, but I can pick up and move things. That's dead good for freaking out whoever watches the security footage, which is always a laugh.

I start walking in a random direction, to check out what's around, when I accidentally walk through someone. It's happened a few times before, and I really hate it. It's just...really personal...and slightly gross. Especially when you can feel their heartbeat and everything.

This time, instead of just carrying on as if nothing happened, this person turned to look right at me. She's a young girl, I'd guess around 13 or 14, with extremely black, shoulder-length hair and olive green eyes. I guess she'd dyed her hair a lot. She's in some sort of school uniform, and she looks a little, for lack of a better term, uneasy. Judging by how she's trying to distance herself from the girl she's with, she really doesn't wanna be there.

"Come on, Bryony...what're you looking at?" The girl asks, turning to look where the black-haired one, she must be Bryony, is. She looks very different to Bryony does, as this girl's got very short, half-brunette, half-blonde hair. I'd say she's from somewhere in south-eastern Europe, probably near the Black Sea.

"I thought I just saw...never mind. It's probably just a light trick." Bryony says, finally turning away from me and carrying on walking where she was going.

This was too interesting. Had she just seen me? If she had, why didn't she mention it? I know I would if I was alive and had seen a ghost. I suppose she's worried she won't be believed though.

Call me interfering, but I had to find out more about her. There was just something I had to know. So I drifted along beside her, keeping just out of her vision. I think she still knew I was there though, as she kept shooting glances across at me. Yeah, she could definitely see me. I knew it now.

"What is with you? Have you been listening to a word I said?" The other girl asked, giving Bryony a hard poke.

"Sorry, I'm just distracted. What were you saying?"

"I was saying how much I wanna get the new cd with Boyfriend on it."

"Oh, great. Go right ahead and get it if you want to." She certainly was uncomfortable then, and I could hear her thoughts clear as day.

"Why would you want to buy that trash? Have you never heard of quality?"

This Bryony chick was certainly opinionated. Just too shy or too polite to give those opinions. It did intrigue me about this track though. Boyfriend, or whatever it was called. Reminds me of that old song inspired by me and my argument. I followed both of them into an HMV store, as the other girl slipped on a pair of those headphones that play samplers.

"Go on then. Don't you wanna listen to it?"

"Not particularly."

"Come on, you might like it."

Bryony deeply sighs, then slips on another pair of those sampler headphones. "Fine." She says, pressing the button.

I can hear it through the headphones, and it's strangely familiar. The underlying beat is exactly the same as the one I inspired, until the lyrics start.

"Aw, hell no!" I can't help myself from saying it. Some little prick copied a lyric, word for word. I may have been completely dense when I was alive, but I knew copyright laws, and that was a violation of at least two.

As I spoke, Bryony whipped her head around, taking off the headphones in the process. She looked directly at me, before the other girl took off her headphones.

"What is your problem?" She asked.

"I swear I just heard a woman say "Aw, hell no!", really clearly. Like, as clear as I'm speaking to you." Bryony replied.

So she couldn't just see me, but she could hear me too. This was certainly interesting.

"You must have been imagining it." The other girl said.

Imagining it! In no way am I a figment of anyone's imagination. She can hear me, and see me, and I'll be keeping a very close eye on her.

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