Allie is born with a facial disfigurement. She decided from the age of nine she would be single forever. Then Tom comes along.


4. Walking home

For the rest of the day, I couldn't stop thinking about Tom. He'd actually talked to me like I was totally normal. For once, I felt like other girls.

I couldn't stop thinking about those gorgeous twinkly eyes and perfect smile, the way my name seemed to roll off his tongue with his accent, the way he'd actually seemed interested in me.

I didn't see him at lunch or break, so I assumed he'd found friends somewhere. This planted a nagging worry in my mind that maybe those new friends could have warned him about me, warned him about what it would do to his reputation. What if he didn't talk to me anymore?! I tried to push away those thoughts as I sat by myself on a bench eating my lunch, although when your mind isn't occupied, such thoughts tend to stick around.

As I was walking home, I decided with myself that I would see in english tomorrow whether or not we were still on speaking terms. And if not, I guess it had been nice for a while to be noticed.

'Hey, Allie! Wait up!' A voice called from behind me. I would recognise that American accent anywhere.

Tom jogged up to me, hair shiny in the sun, panting evenly.

'Hey!' He said, joining me. My heart leapt. 'Wanna walk together?'

'Sure,' I said, trying to sound offhand.

Looks like we were still on speaking terms after all.

'So,' He said. 'Good day?'

I shrugged. 'You know, the usual. What about you? Make any friends?'

'Sort of.' He said.

I waited for him to tell me which friends, but he remained silent.

There was an awkward pause, before:

'Is there a cinema around here?' He asked. I was momentarily startled by the random question.

'Umm, there is one in the main town, which is about ten minutes away if you catch the bus. Why?' I asked, curiously.

'Well I'm kind of a movie buff.'

'No way, me too!' I said, a little too over excitedly. It was true, I did love movies. They helped me escape reality for a little while.

'Awesome! What's your favourite superman movie?'

'Well, I'd have to say number 1, I think...'

'I'd have to agree with you there! Though I do like number 3...'

And we launched into a full film discussion about which superman movie was the best, alternative storylines and who were the worst and best actors. I was stunned at how much I had in common with him. We were so involved in our conversation that I hadn't even noticed we had arrived on Broughton Road.

'Well, this is me.' He said, pointing to a small, rundown house with an overgrown garden. 'See you tomorrow, Allie.'

'See you.' I said, waving. I waited until I'd turned the corner onto my road before literally leaping with joy. I even skipped down the road to my house. And for once, I didn't care what people thought of how I looked.

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