Falling for her

Katrina, known as Kat, currently a X-Factor contestant, meets the boys when Simon asks them to help mentor her.
They've gotten pretty close during the 10 weeks, and soon Zayn and Harry fall for Kat. They've become best friends, and Kat doesn't want to break their hearts. Will that be the end!?


1. X-Factor

Kat's POV:

I woke up, and it was 7:30. I got up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed and went downstairs to see Simon and One Direction sitting in the living room. I was amazingly shocked.

I smiled "Morning Simon" 
He smiled back "Morning Kat"
"Aren't you gunna introduce me?" I teased
"Let me finish, little girl!" Simon teased back 
"Hey!" I snapped sarcastically
"Okay okay, back to business. Kat, sit down" 
I sat down "Is something wrong?" I asked all worried. I made it in the X-Factor this far and I'm not giving up. I made it through Auditions, boot camp, judeges house, and now live shows. It's been a dream of mine to finally be a singer
"No no, Kat. nothings wrong. This year, in the X-Factor UK, the girls group is all under 18, I'm not saying this is bad, but the other girls are like only 12 or 14, and your the oldest, 17. They're kinda young, so I need to spend a lot mentoring time with them, so when I'm gone, these lads with mentor you" he told me
"Ohhhh." I said, calmly
"Well, I didn't introduce you guys!"
He introduced us, then we went to get some breakfast.

We all sat on the couch and began talking and eating breakfast. We turned on the TV, too. 

I unexpecting found the boys to be very easy going. Half way, they kept making choke and laugh. 

Louis and I instantly clicked, but I still got along with the other lads, too. I found Zayn and Harry pretty damn hot. Not in a "love" way, but in general.

Louis kept playing around with me "Kat *Pokes me* Kat *Pokes me* Kat *Pokes me*"
"Yes, British Hell?" I sarcastically said and turned to him
"BLAH" He made a funny face, it was so halarious the way he said it
"Oh god" niall laughed
"Stop making the poor girl choke!" Zayn said, laughing as well
"You make her choke too!" Louis accused 
"Anyways Kat, what city are you from?" Harry asked me
"Shipley, West Yorkshire" I told him
"That's like, 3 miles from Bradford!" Zayn said
"Yeah, pretty close"I giggled

"Hey, shouldn't we be at studio mentoring Kat in half an hour?" Liam asked, glancing at his watch

"I'll be getting ready. Buh-by for the next 30 mins" I got up and went to my room (in Simon's house, obviously) to get ready

Zayn's POV:

I found Kat funny, nice, creative, easy going, and pretty cute. I liked how when she found out we were famous, she treated us like regular teens. The longer we hung out together, it felt like we've known each other forever. But, she did look a little fimiliar. Where have I seen her?
"What song should she do?" niall asked, still gobbling his breakfast"

"How about 'We are never ever getting back together' by Taylor Swift?" Harry suggested
"Not bad" i shrugged

Harry's POV:
Damn, Kat was cute... like beautiful? Yeah. I don't have a crush on her, we've only known for 30 minutes. But she did look fimiliar.... I dunno. 

Kat's POV:
These guys were A LOT of fun. Many people think of them as 'Teen sasation Heart throbs' but to me, these guys are unmature teens. Which to me, was good. I like guys who have fun, not serious all the time.
Harry and Zayn looked fimiliar, where have I seen them? Back home? I really don't know...

I curled bottom half of my velvet red and let flow down my back, changed into a tanktop, denim shorts, and put on my pink vans. I put on a little make up, and went to my laptop. 
I decided to Skype with my older brother Shane. He was the most closest person to me. Best friend and big brother.

I plopped my laptop on the bed, and I lied down.
"Shane!" I squeled
"Hey baby girl!" Shane waved
I smiled "I missed you bro!" 
"Missed you too, sis!" shane smiled back
"Who's that hot girl?" I heard Shane's friends in the background
"A hot girl, like you said!" Shane sarcastically yelled back at him
I heard him come up "Oh hey Kat!" 
"Hey Terrance!" 
"How's the X-Factor so far?" he asked
"Pretty good. I met Chris Brown the other day! Be jealous, Terrance. Be jealous" I said
"Oh! How dare you! We use to tight....!" He sarcastically said
"Well. I have his autograph, guess like you don't want it" i said, in a voice
"Okay, okay, anyways. Terrance, mom, dad, and I are flying to see your show next week! Week 1, how can I not miss it? We're staying till you win!" he said. Wow! Was I happy or what?!
"Really! Yay!" i squeled
"Kat?" I heard a knock on the door
"Come in! The doors are unlocked" i called

Zayn's POV:
We heard talking up stairs, so we just wanted to see what she was doing.
"Kat?" Liam said, knocking on the door
"Come in! The doors are unlocked!" She said

She was video chatting with 2 guys, one with blonde flasing hair, and a fimiliar brunette.

"This is Terrance" She said, pointing at the blonde "And this is Shane, my brother" she pointed at the brunette "And this is Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall Zayn" She introduced us. I saw Shane look at me, with a confused look. He looked so fimiliar... He then looked Harry with the same look

"Well Shane, Terrance, I got to go. Love you guys! Byeee!"
"Byee!" They chorused
"Love you too Kat, and nice meeting you guys" Shane said
"Bye" The boys and I chorused

"Well, shall we go now?" Kat asked








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