Falling for her

Katrina, known as Kat, currently a X-Factor contestant, meets the boys when Simon asks them to help mentor her.
They've gotten pretty close during the 10 weeks, and soon Zayn and Harry fall for Kat. They've become best friends, and Kat doesn't want to break their hearts. Will that be the end!?


4. What happened

Kat's POV: 

~Ten weeks later~
I can't believe it! I made it to the finals! I'm SO happy! Thanks to the boys mentoring me, I made it! During these 10 weeks, the boys became my best friends.

Tonight is elimination night... it's either I get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place...

"Okay... 1st place is...." Joey the host began "Katrina Daniels!"
"Ahhh!" i jumped around, crying, screaming, laughing. 

I hugged all my family members and friends, got rid of my make up, and Shane planned an after party back home in Sipley. I also invited the boys plus Dani and El. 

Simon told me I had to tour, but I can picked the date. I was going to tour in 4 month.

Mom and dad came, then they said they had an emergancy buisness trip, and then they kissed me good bye

~After the party~
After the party, everyone lefted, and the boys and them stayed

"Shane?" I asked
"Do you see my 2 rings anywhere?" I asked, searching for them
"The two you always kept with you?" 
"Yeah those two... I can't lose them... I need them" 
"What did they look like" Zayn asked. I look at his hand, and my eyes lit up.
"Exactly like yours! EXACTLY like yours!" I shouted "And Harry! The one you're wearing!"
"Wait, both of their rings  are exactly like yours?" Eleanor asked
"Whats the special in them?" Dani asked
"When I was 13... I went to this camp near Cheshire, and I met this boy... he was my first boyfriend. I loved him, but then we had to break up cause we knew we probably weren't going see each other... we were young. We promised each other we'd wait for each other. Then, when I was 15, I went back to that camp, and he wasn't there. Soon, I had a crush on this other boy, but he never knew. The first boy was most special. Both boys gave me a ring" I told them
"Holy shit..." i heard Harry and Zayn mumble
"What's wrong?" Terrance asked
Wait, here, I found the rings" Shane said, giving them back
"Crap..." they mumbled again. They quickly took their rings off, and looked into them closely
"What the hell's happening with you two?" Niall asked
Harry and Zayn looked at each other, worried. 
"Kat... look behind the rings..." Zayn said
"Why?" I asked
"Just do it...!" Harry raised his voice, but he wasn't shouting
"I don't see how- MY GOD!" I shouted. I saw something I didn't notice before. There were a name engraved into the rings. One said 'Harrold' and the other said 'Zain' 
"I'm s-sorry...." they studdered
"NO. YOU GUYS KNEW ALL ALONG AND YOU DIDN'T BOTHER TO TELL ME?!" I yelled, feeling a tears drip down
"Kat, look-" Harry began
"NO. DON'T SAY IT!" I yelled, running out
I ran out, not caring what they had to say. THEY were the boys I fell in love with... but they didn't tell me? I wasn't mad at them for leaving me years ago, but how could they have not tell me?
My phone began to buzz from they boys, calling, to texting. I drove, my car to Terrance's house. I have his spare key, he lets me in anytime I want. He was the only one who lived there, and Shane and I would always go hang out there.

Shane's POV:
I knew Harry and Zayn looked fimiliar  from the moment I met them... I knew they thought I was fimiliar too.
"My god... we made a terrible mistake" Zayn said
"It's not your fault...it's been years. Kat went by the name Kat, instead of Katrina, and she dyed her hair red." I assured him
"If only we knew where she was..." niall began
"Wait!" Terrance said. I think he has an idea "Remember last month, you put a phone tracker in her phone? She doesn't know!" 
"Oh yeah! I forgot!" I exclaimed, flipping out my phone
"Where is she?!" they all asked
"Terrance, shes at your house!" I finally said "I'll just text her, telling her I'm coming over!" 
"Thats awesome!" Zayn said, finally pulling on a smile
"Waiiittt..." i began "Zayn, you go" I said
"She's mad at you, she just texted me back" Harry said "She said, 'Im not mad at you, Harry. I'm mad at Zayn... a little. I just can't believe he was my ex, and never came back'" 
"Okay, I'll text her saying I'm coming, no one else, and Zayn go" I tell him

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