Falling for her

Katrina, known as Kat, currently a X-Factor contestant, meets the boys when Simon asks them to help mentor her.
They've gotten pretty close during the 10 weeks, and soon Zayn and Harry fall for Kat. They've become best friends, and Kat doesn't want to break their hearts. Will that be the end!?


2. Rehersal

Kat's POV:
"Shall we go now?" I asked them
"Sure" they all agreed

We walked walked out, and there was a limo waiting for us

"Ladies first" Zayn opened the door for me, and I went in
I smiled "Thanks" 

~At studio~

"Hi, I'm Savan, I am the vocal coach" A man introduced himself, and shook my hand
"I'm Kat"
"Ahhh.... nice to see you boys again" he smiled, looking at the boys
"Nice to see you, too" Louis told him
"You guys mentoring her?"
"Yeah" Niall said
"So any choice in mind for her to sing?" Savan asked
"Uh, yeah. We thought maybe 'We are never ever getting back together' by Taylor Swift" Harry told him
"Not bad, I've heard Kat's voice, the song would fit perfectly" He said in delight "Okay, lets get started"

He printed the lyrics, and helped me with the song, and style. 3 hours of that...

"Okay, Kat. Meet Simon and I at the stage tommorow, and we'll get some cherographers. See ya tomorrow"
"Bye Savan" we chorused

"Wanna go hang out somewhere?" Liam suggested
"Sure" we all agreed
"Where though..." Niall asked
"How about the beach?" I suggested

Everyone agreed, so I went back to Simons house to get ready. The boys had a room there, too. They'll be mentoring me till either I get eliminated, or I win

I went to change into a bikini, then put a regular clothes over them. A stripe t-shirt and denim shorts.
The boys all wore a t-shirt, and swim truncks

"Should we invite Eleanor and Dani?" Louis asked. They were Louis and Liam's girlfriend
"Sure" I smiled

~At the beach~
"You guys wanna play volleyball first?" I suggested
"3 girls and 1 guy, vs 4 guys" Dani said
"I'll go on the girls team" Zayn smiled

All the girls and I took off our tops and shorts, and which, only wore our bikinis, and the guys took their shirts off, and only wore their truncks. I saw so many fans taking pictures. We put ropes around our us and the volley ball net so the fans wouldn't ruin us...

"Erm... Zayn, can you put sunscreen on my back?" I asked
"Uhh... erm me?" He asked unsurely
"Yes you" I giggled
"Not that I'm gunna say no, but why ?" he asked, nervously
"Well, Liam is helping Dani, Louis is helping El, I can't reach my back, and you're the closest to me anyways" I told him
"well... get on you stomach" he laughed
I got on a beach chair, went on my stomach while he rubbed sunscreen on my back. 
Many girls would probably feel weird having a guy rub on your back, but back home, Shane and I live close to the beach, and he would always take me. Shane usually rubs sunscreen on my back, so I'm use to it

Zayn rubbed sunscreen on my back, and I could feel his hand shake a little. Probably nervous, and his first time. 
"there" He said
I smiled "thanks" 
I got up, and turned around, and Zayn was right there, and I accidently crashed my lips to his...


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