Falling for her

Katrina, known as Kat, currently a X-Factor contestant, meets the boys when Simon asks them to help mentor her.
They've gotten pretty close during the 10 weeks, and soon Zayn and Harry fall for Kat. They've become best friends, and Kat doesn't want to break their hearts. Will that be the end!?


5. Drunk

Kat's POV:
I grabbed some wine and began drinking and waited for Shane. I was really drunk. I heard the door bell, so I went to get it.
"Shane-" i began
"It's Zayn..." Zayn said. I quickly slammed the door, but he pushed it back opened and grabbed me
"NO!" i shouted.

"Come on, Kat. I'm sorry" 
I felt woozy, and drunk. I mean REALLY drunk "Zaynnnn" 

Zayn's POV:
She's really drunk. She kept falling, but I caught her before she fell down
"Kay Kat... lets get you on the couch" i put her wine down, and slumped her on the couch
Before I got back up, she grabbed me me on the shirt and pulled me
"Zayn... I've missed you" she confessed. She was drunk.... I didn't think she meant it 
She pulled me in, and kissed me. She pulled me in so I fell on her... she kept kissing me, and I couldn't resist but kiss back, but pulled away cause I couldn't take advantage of her.
"Zayn... baby come back" She pulled me in again, started to kiss me, but I got up
"You're going to bed" I picked her up, bride style, and put her on a bed in a room I assume it was hers. It had pink and purple wallpaper and France looking views. I put her down, kissed her cheek, and went to get some water for her. Kissing her cheek and gently on the lips wasn't anything new, the boys and I always do that.

Shane's POV:
I wonder hows Zayn is doing
"Should i text him?" I asked them
They all agreed, and I sent him a text 'hey man, how's Kat? xxx Shane'
'yea, she's fine. she's really drunk, and I put her down on the bed in the room with pink and purple xxxx'
'kay, thanks xxx'
"Oh, okay. So Kat is currently drunk" I told them
"Really?" Harry asked
"Pretty much"

Zayn's POV: 
I went to get a glass of water, and came back with Kat peacefully sleeping. I gently kissed her on the lips, and left the water on the table next to the table. Before I left, I felt Kat tug on my hand.
"Zayn..." She mumbled
"yes?" I asked, turning to her
"please stay... can you stay with me...?" she asked
"alright" I agreed
"on the bed? promise. I won't do anything, and you don't do anything?" she asked. For a drunk person, she's doing pretty well
"I promise" I took of my shirt, cause I wasn't comferable sleeping in it "Is it okay to take off my shirt?" I asked her
"hmm" she said, sleeping again
I crawled in, and hugged her "Good night Kat" 
Just when I was about to let go, Kat out her head on my chest, and hugged me. "I love you, Zayn" She said, still with her arms wrapped around me
"I love you too" I wrapped my arms around her

Kat's POV:
I woke up in the morning, with my arms around Zayn. I looked up at him, and he was already awake. He didn't have a shirt on.
"Morning" he said
"M-Morning" I mumbled
Why was I in bed with Zayn? What happened last night? I remember drinking, then Zayn came in, and put me on the couch. And then I just kissed him... that's all I remembered. I'm not mad anymore... am I?
"Do you remember anything last night?" he asked. My hands were still around him, but I didn't want to let go.
"After I kissed you? No"
He started to talk "Okay so-" 
Then i cut him off by kissing him again. Wait, was I drunk again? Why did I just do that? I think I might have feelings, still.

Harry's POV:
It's morning, and we all were on floor sleeping. Zayn went to Kat. Did I still have feelings for Kat? I can't. Zayn and Kat are probably started dating. I dunno. I can't do this to Zayn. 

Zayn's POV:
I was about to talk, and she kissed me. I let my hands go, and cupped my hands on her face, and began to kissed her back. She began to bite my lips, and then she pulled away.
"s-sorry" she studdered, buring her head into my chest, so I wouldn't see her face
"It's fine" I lifted her head up to look up at me. She was looking up at me, staring. I leaned in, and kissed her again. "Will you be my girlfriend again?" i asked her, hoping it was a yes
"I don't- I don't know" She said, and ran out of the room
"Kat, come on. It's fine" I pulled her in for a hug.
"Thanks Zayn..." She slightly said
"For what?" I kissed the top of her head
"For not prescuring me" she said back
"So you two made up?" I heard a voice say, it was Louis and Eleanor
"Obviously not, why else would we be hugging?" Kat sarcastically said
"Where are the rest of them?" I asked
"Liam's. Watching Toy Story, again...." Louis pulled me aside while Eleanor and Ka went to talk about girl stuff

"Mate" Louis began "She your girl?" 
"No... not really" I said
"What happened last night?"
I told him everything, about the kisses, and me and her in bed.

"Wow... either she must be really drunk last night, or really meant it." Louis patted back "Zayn baby, come back" He mocked. Kat said that to me last night
"Shut up..."

Kat's POV:
"What went on last night?" Eleanor asked me, when we got to my room
"Well. I got really drunk, and then Zayn came, and I kissed him, and when he got up, I kept pulling him and kissed him" I said, ashamed
"Woah... really?"
"I was drunk, I had no idea"
"Then what?"
"I blacked out. Ask Zayn..."

Zayn's POV:
"ZAYNNNNNN! LOUISSSSS!" I heard Eleanor yell from upstairs "Get up hereee! In Kat's rooooom!"
We went up to see what she wanted
"Zayn, what happened after you put Kat on the couch?" 
"This is should be interesting..." Louis laughed


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