Falling for her

Katrina, known as Kat, currently a X-Factor contestant, meets the boys when Simon asks them to help mentor her.
They've gotten pretty close during the 10 weeks, and soon Zayn and Harry fall for Kat. They've become best friends, and Kat doesn't want to break their hearts. Will that be the end!?


3. Beach

Zayn's POV:
Kat asked me to rub sunscreen on her back... it's not like I didn't want to help her, it's just I never rubbed it on a girls back before. 
"there" I told her, and I finished
"thanks" she smiled
She got up, and turned around, and our lips crashed together. Both our eyes widened, and we pulled away. I felt her watermelon lip gloss. 
"Uhh... um sorry" she smiled, putting her hand over her lip

"Oh um.. I'm sorry" i managed to say and wiped some lip gloss that were around my lips
"What chu do to her?" Harry asked
"Nothin...." I said, not trying to sound suspcious 
"Why does Kat smell like Zayn's colongue?"
"Did not!" Kat yelled back
Eleanor one arm sided hugged Kat, and whispered something to Kat, which made her say 'hell no...' then laughed
Dani showed her something on her phone, and then she said 'delete thatttttt....' and all that kind of stuff
Surprising, Dani, El, the rest of the boys and I got along so well with Kat. Like, best friends. 

"So we gunna play or what?" I said, trying to change the subject
"First to 30 points win" Louis said

We played, and the score was 29-29. Score tied.I was surprised by Kat's spike. 
The next ball was coming towards me and Kat, and we both tried to get it, but we both tripped, and I landed on top of her, and we were facing each other.
We both started to laugh, like it was no big deal, but honestly, my heart started pumping
"Why you so nervous" She giggled. She probably felt my heart pump "And heavy?" she joked
"gotta be buff for the ladies" I said, playing it cool. I got off her, and all of us started chilling, and enjoyed the beach

Kat's POV:
I went to the water with Harry, and started to fool around. We spashed water, I jumped on his back, and had lots of fun.
This is seemed a little like Deja vu... the part how we have some much fun together in the water and all. It felt like... that time when I was 13, I went to a camp site near Cheshire. 

After 20 minutes, Harry and I went to hang out all together with the rest of the guys and the girls.

"Seriously, get over it" liam told Zayn
"No, I'm just saying... no girl can kiss that good, even if they're acting" Zayn said
"You two were ACTING.Not real." Eleanor said. 
We were talking about the TV show they were a guest apperence on. Zayn said that there was no way that girl he had to kiss faked the kiss, like, not acting.

Zayn's POV:
"Lets put this way" Kat started "I'll be a girl, who loves you like a best friend, and doesn't liking you, in a relationship way"

We all nodded in agreement
She put one hand on my cheek and leaned forward, and kissed me. She kissed me. Woah... her lips were so soft. 5 seconds late
"Acting, Zayn." Louis laughed.
All of us contiuned talking, and my lips felt... good. It really felt like that time when I was 14, I went to this camp site near Cheshire, and alot of girls and boys from Bradford and cities around it went. I went during the summer, and met this beautiful brunette, and I fell in love with her. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she agreed. For the rest of the summer, we were really in loved, and we did everything together. Near the end of the summer, we had to break up, and we promised each other we'd wait for each other. All these years, i tried to find her, but I've losted hope.


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