Forever yours

This story is all about a girl getting a part in the hunger games... But this part isn't in the books. Read all about the girl and her love life on set as well as some drama and friendship.


1. Info about me

Hi I'm scarlet,
I live in America by myself and at times I feel alone then my mum rings me up and I'm fine. I have a mum, dad, little brother and little sister that I don't see much because they live in New York. I am turning 21 in a week and I can't wait! By then i hope to have either a record deal or an acting contract. I went to college and I studied to be an actress and a singer. When I was little I wanted to be a doctor, a little later on I relised I didn't like blood so I decided to be a song righter and that's when I found out I could sing. With the acting I was always dramatic when I was young so that came naturally :)
Anyway I gotta go see ya all next time!
Oh wait I forgot an important thing
I love the hunger games books and they are about to do the casting for the movie and I'm auditioning for a part that's not in the books...
I'm auditioning today so let's see how I go!
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