Forever yours

This story is all about a girl getting a part in the hunger games... But this part isn't in the books. Read all about the girl and her love life on set as well as some drama and friendship.


2. audition

i wake up from my nightmare it was about me dying in the hunger games and the person how killed me was my sister. anyway i got up and got dressed in a pink knee length dress and my brown boots my mum got me for my last birthday. i go to the kitchen and grab a big bowl, i put coco pops in the bowl and add milk. today i get to audition for the hunger games!! i so excited and the best thing is that susan collins will be there and so will jennifer lawrence AND josh hutcherson!! anyway after i go all fangirly i grab the script i got asked to read and memorize from my chair and grabed my keys, i walked out to my hot pink jeep and jumped in. i started the car and drove to the address i was given, today i could be told i am in the hunger games and i'll be able to tell my family that i get to act and i cant wait to be told yer or no. i get to the place and walk in to the wating room, my name gets called out after 3 others, the people that walked out looked dissapointed and walked out the door sadly. i walk in and see 4 people there, sussan, josh, jen and garry ross, they all stare at me as i stand infront of them. " hi... scarlet is it? " says garry " yes and you must be garry " i say and smile " well begin " he says with a smile. i do the bit after my mum ( effie ) introduces me " mum i-i dont think that i can do this, i dont want to see kids die for the capitols entertainment i- " i get cut off by garry " scarlet you can sit outside while we decide " he says with a quick smile that only i can see. as i walk out i notice that josh is staring at me and smiling, i blush when i step into the wating area and sit. 3 other people come in and out with sad expresions and none of them are told to sit out here like me. when everyone is gone i am told be josh to come back in, " scarlet, you have the part as effies daughter! " says garry with a huge smile " we start filming  in 2 days so that gives you time to prepare and read this script " he says as he hands me a script thats not too big. " ok well we will give you a ring tommorow and email all the info you need to the email we have here so be home tomorrow for the call. " he says and i leave with a big smile on my face. 

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